Think About It

`1Two million people as of about an hour ago, are without power in the wake of Hurricane Ian.

I knew two Ian’s in my lifetime.

One was a pussy, and the other was one of the meanest SOB’s you would ever run across.

Best be left alone and not to be fucked with.

Kind of like this hurricane.

Hitler’s blitzkriegs lasted a mere matter of weeks and BabyHead Putin’s, well, if that is indeed a “lightning war,” it is some pretty slow-ass lightning.

Keep kicking their unmotivated asses, Ukrainians.

I played a few songs at open mic tonight at the Lucky Star where I booked a future gig for the day after Thanksgiving, so I better put on the old marketing hat to try and get an audience in the seats.

This means I have two more gigs to invite Robin Meade to.

Karen is in New Jersey for three weeks,, leaving us boys to batch it.

After all this time together, I don’t like it when she is gone for any length of time.

I am going to try and sneak in a round of golf tomorrow. The weather should be sixty and sunny.


I have to think about what could have been if my fascination of playing “Daddy” to the coolest little girl had progressed.

I had been through the eye of the hurricane in my wild ride through Vegas, and this absolutely gorgeous, rich, well-built young woman named Stacey had pulled me up. Sometimes, in this big Game of Life you are given a too-good-to-be-true situation and believe me when I say I never questioned my luck.

She was a baccarat dealer at the High Rollers table at a major strip Hotel Casino. To say she was rich is an insult to rich people.

She was loaded.

Red Ferrari, Big house.

She outgrew me in eight months.

I know.

Why did it take her that long?

But in that time, I had the coolest time raising her five year old daughter.

In that time she paid my rent at my North Las Vegas condo (even though I would never return there), and had someone bring my stuff over to her guest house.

It really troubled me that little Chantel was pretty much ignored by Stacey and her “friends.”

I taught her French,  some Spanish, and got her started collecting T-notes.

No shit.


Five years old.


Because I knew her Mom would fuel this little collecting bug because she would do anything for her little girl.

I always wondered whatever happened to that awesome little girl.

I hope she’s had a great life.

I am working on writing another song as I have all the time in the world what with the Domestic Despot being in New Jersey and all.

I’ll keep you posted.

Think about this last thing, but certainly not the LAST thing: Do not show cruelty to any living creature on this planet. With every obstacle we ALL must face and overcome just to survive, give it up with class.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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