Cross Your Fingers

Start with NFL player Damar Hamlin, a safety who plays for the Buffalo Bills. He collapsed in a heap tonight after making a strong tackle on a Bengal opponent.

I have suffered many injuries for which I have paid the price, and I have certainly witnessed many injuries and I will tell you witnessing is a whole lot better for the body.

This young man collapsed and all I can say is that, for just one brief second, he was not of this world. I don’t know where he was, but he wasn’t here.

I prayed for him.

People will have to go home without watching the crucial clash between two of the better teams in the National Football League.

They will have to fight all over again the travel, the traffic, the insanely-high prices for everything, just to sit behind some fat lady who blocks out the sun, more less your small view of the action on the field. That is, if they don’t get caught up in the clusterfuck that will soon ensue for the crush of those unable to merely accept a return ticket for the game, surely to be played at a later date.

But none of that matters.

A New Year’s Eve party guest was shot to death, causing the host, who had mishandled and misfired the gun, to die of a heart attack.




If I were there, I would probably toss my head back, say “some party,” and leave.

Sounds haughty enough.

I saw a story headline about a fifty-one year old ex-policewoman who is now a stripper.

Four words for you girl.

Learn them.

Thirty years too late.

You are not bad for a fifty-one year old, but let’s face it.

I was really something at twenty-one, too, and if you have read a few of my blogs, you might have read the blog titled “I Was a Stripper.”

Evidently, the powers-at-be deemed the blog a little too, too, actually I have no idea what they took issue with, but I was not allowed to proceed with plans to advertise my daily blog.

It was well-written and I thought it was funny as well.

Check it out.

So, if you ever find yourself in deepest, darkest Africa, or the rich forests of Brazil, or even in the dying town of Dayton, Ohio, you have a chance of being hacked by a machete.

Dayton, Ohio?

At the Dollar Tree store.

Now I don’t know what they are paying their employees, but no wonder nobody wants to work anywhere anymore.

OK, so some of Trump’s former aides are finding out that the position of “insurrectionist” or domestic terrorist” are not building up their resumes and jobs are scarce.

Just what the fuck did they think would happen when Trump’s bullshit power trip came to an end?

Where is he now to protect you, a loyal Republican, when you could really use his power and influence?


You have a better chance of my Cocker Spaniel Bruiser to stop licking his balls and come and save you.

Stay well


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