Maddogg’s State of the Union Review

I watched JoJo’s speech tonight and of course, I have some thoughts on it. 1—There’s got to be some age restrictions imposed on all the old whitehairs running our government. 2—That ancient Bernie Sanders really wanted to make sure he stood out from everyone in the building, so he was the only one who woreContinue reading “Maddogg’s State of the Union Review”

Tyre Nichols

By now, the whole world has seen the disgusting video of the beating, er murder, of another innocent black man at the hands of a lynch mob disguised as police officers in the city of Memphis, TN. Man’s inhumanity to man. Not black v. white; no, black on black. Go figure. Like black men don’tContinue reading “Tyre Nichols”


How many years and how many lives later, a dog owner is being held accountable for a murder his unrestrained dog committed on a little girl. Dogs are not natural killers; they are taught that and I hope the owner has to suffer some horrible consequences, commensurate with the pain inflicted by his dog. IContinue reading “Finally!”

Such Sweet Sorrow

I am terrible at goodbyes. Gangbusters with “hello’s” but “goodbyes” hurt too much. At the handful of funerals I have attended, I refuse to look at the human mannequin on display in the thousand-dollar casket as woeful hymns and the smell of fresh flowers permeate everything. I prefer to think of the living person andContinue reading “Such Sweet Sorrow”

Careful What You Ask For

All I have heard now for months on end, as if it is some sort of magic cure for everything, is wait until the Republicans win the House, then you’ll see… See what? You can’t even decide on who the next Speaker of the House will be. I gotta be honest with you. Unless thereContinue reading “Careful What You Ask For”

Cross Your Fingers

Start with NFL player Damar Hamlin, a safety who plays for the Buffalo Bills. He collapsed in a heap tonight after making a strong tackle on a Bengal opponent. I have suffered many injuries for which I have paid the price, and I have certainly witnessed many injuries and I will tell you witnessing isContinue reading “Cross Your Fingers”

What is Wrong With People?

Did you see the heartless act of an ignorant girl who threw a bucket of water on a homeless woman who was merely sitting on the property of the convenience store where the girl worked? In the freezing cold, not that it amplifies the hatred any more, but who are the idiots that raised thisContinue reading “What is Wrong With People?”


This oughta be fun. The family that took in South Korean tourists during the recent deadly snowstorm in upstate New York should make every TRUE American proud to be one.. In a time when everyone and everything is suspect, trust and compassion won out and the world, for just one second in time, became closer.Continue reading “Perspectives”

Close Call

So I decide to brave the traffic and the impending Winter Storm of the Century if you believe the forecasters, and headed north on I-75 to the humane society which I represent, and on  the way, I spied a new building sitting out on its own. I could see kennels and a large play areaContinue reading “Close Call”

I Can’t Resist

Evidently an executive from Nike was caught getting oral service from a subordinate in a gymnasium. Just do it. I know there are people who follow and read my daily blog, so didn’t you see where I wrote against going to any third-world countries? Fuck, our own country isn’t safe. What the hell made youContinue reading “I Can’t Resist”