Dukes, Duchesses, even Viscounts (whatever those are) all qualify as royalty.

Lebron James doesn’t.

The concepts we are taught when we are growing up like Kings and Queens, Princes and Princesses, and Knights, Lords, and Ladies, are all tres romantique, no? Crowns, castles, swords, man those looked like some pretty trippy times with a lot of room for fun. I would probably not like the mead as much as the concoction served at the Renaissance Festival every year. I was also taught to believe that the position of King or Queen was one ordained by God.


I mean how in the hell did the very first King on this planet pull that one off?

“I will be your Lord and Master because God has selected me to be king. When I enter, you will bow and never speak unless asked to do so. You can never question any decision I make and you will have blind obedience. Occasionally I will tax you and take your sons and daughters when I want. You will sacrifice anything and everything for me. To disobey me is to disobey God and will result in death.”

How many fools stood around and let that happen? I have no doubts whatsoever that it is a great gig if you can get it.

Last week in the news, Meaghan Markle and her husband were interviewed by the awesome Oprah Winfrey (girl it was a travesty you didn’t win the Oscar for The Color Purple). In the interview a big row was started about the press-fueled “story” insinuating the Royal Family were racists.

Is God racist?

Are all gods racist?

They’re holy. Is holy pliable? I thought you were either holy or like me.

So you can’t have your tea and crumpets and eat it too. The Queen is either holy or she isn’t.

If she is, she’s fucking up in her role and she’s a flawed deity. If she isn’t, she’s human and some humans are racists.

Get over it.

I’m not racist; I wasn’t raised that way because as we all know, little newborn babies aren’t born with one iota of hatred in their little baby-powdered bodies. It is a learned behavior.

Stop teaching it.

It is parents who raise their children and who are their first and primary teachers. When they pass on their own biases and prejudices to their progeny, they start the slow poisoning of yet another fresh mind and provide the world with more hatred.

Thanks a lot.

I love children (even though we were never blessed with them), but there is nothing scarier than watching a deranged 6-year old boy with his little spaghetti arm wrapped in a swastika in the “Seig Heil!” pose as his proud parents stand smiling proudly by.


I can only hope those children never procreate.

If Queen Elizabeth II is descended from King Alfred, then she has had over eleven-hundred years of being taught racism. Don’t blame her for this learned behavior.

She’s only human.

Stay well.

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