Who is to Blame?

Give people the slightest semblance of a reason and they will gleefully seek out and even more gleefully assign blame whenever they can. Where does the “blame chain” end? Good luck trying to tag any politician; unless you lie for a living, too, you are already behind the curve. The economy? Oh, this president isContinue reading “Who is to Blame?”

Just When You Think You’ve Heard it All

Our boy Trump is starting to hear footsteps as Ron DeSantis ramps up his campaign. Evidently The Florida governor’s book, Mein Kampf II, is selling well and now, unfazed by his miscalculations in the 20202 election, Trump is accusing DeSantis of “inflating his numbers.” I actually had to stop typing and laugh at that one.Continue reading “Just When You Think You’ve Heard it All”

Second Thoughts?

Evidently this whacky English woman had second thoughts. Infatuated with serial killers, she stabbed her on again-off again boyfriend nineteen times, making it a pretty obvious sign of the status of their relationship. Off again (permanently). This is one right out of Maddogg’s dating playbook. If you ever enter a woman’s bedroom and there areContinue reading “Second Thoughts?”


Raise your hand. We’re all suckers. We complain about politicians and their actions, but we elected them. We cry about mass shootings which have become a very ho-hum matter-of-fact in this country. But we won’t change the gun laws. Suckers. Its cops vs citizens out there and its nice and all, that they are arrestingContinue reading “Suckers”

Take it Back

You can’t. “The word unspoken is the word uneaten,” my older brother preached to me at age six. Jojo is being castigated for his use of the word “boy” in recent remarks. The thing is, he was using the term boy, not as a racial epithet, but a generic term of familiarity. As in homeboy,Continue reading “Take it Back”

My Take

The blurb said, “The collapse of Kamala Harris.” Collapse from what? Amidst all the shootings, the gay-bashing, and the racist police, she is the poster girl example of tokenism. Biden needed her cultural demographics. Period. End of discussion. Nikki Haley declared her candidacy for the presidency, and as soon as he stops licking his balls,Continue reading “My Take”


No, not yet another proffered treatise on a saturated subject. Aaron Rodgers. Talk about narcissists. I just got pissed at myself because by writing about this douchebag I am just perpetuating his yet-to-be-released Broadway smash one-man show while he sits in voluntary solitary confinement to come to a decision on his future. Get over yourselfContinue reading “Ego”


If you’ve got a name like Huckabee, really, you need to STFU. If you are a politician, be that Red or Blue, if you have nothing constructive to say, STFU. You look like fifty pounds of shit in a twenty-five pound bag, so put down the fork, then we’ll discuss politics. There once was aContinue reading “STFU”

Is That Still a Thing?

I got a glimpse of Madonna at tonight’s Grammy Awards. Yikes! There comes a time when icons need to go the Dietrich route and stay out of the public eye. From what I could see, today’s women are reverting back to the “let-it-all-hang-out generation Why are girls still trying to look like Jessica Rabbit? TheyContinue reading “Is That Still a Thing?”

Tyre Nichols

By now, the whole world has seen the disgusting video of the beating, er murder, of another innocent black man at the hands of a lynch mob disguised as police officers in the city of Memphis, TN. Man’s inhumanity to man. Not black v. white; no, black on black. Go figure. Like black men don’tContinue reading “Tyre Nichols”