I love the idea of being a farmer; it is a very romantic notion.

I can picture myself riding around on horseback over thousands of acres of land as huge steel machines belch smoke and harvest more money, er, crops for me. I can see me sitting on the third-level porch of my mansion, smoking a pipe and counting my mid-seven-figure government subsidy payola.

I have met two redheaded girls that gave me cause to pause.

One was in an insane asylum, and the other one needed to be.

Both were farmer’s daughters.

‘Nuff said.

In spite of the failed jojoba empire I was going to start up in the 70’s, I will lick my wounds and change subjects in mid-stream.

How about a home garden? I am stoked that we are moving to a place where you can put a seed in the soil, feed and water it, and boom! Food. I absolutely plan on having a nice food AND flower garden once we move out there.


Romaine lettuce.



Green onions.

Yellow onions.





If I can manage to grow any fruit, I might even preserve some for my morning toast.

One of my very favorite things is fresh-squeezed orange juice, and of course lemons if there are trees wherever we light.

I am going to have to hone my fishing skills as there seem to be lakes all around the area we are looking to live. I love fishing out of a boat. I can float around, get stoned, and not have to worry about keeping the boat parallel to the shore like we had to do when we were fishing for halibut in the Santa Barbara channel. My buddy Mike (who was also my roommate and sous chef) owned the boat and he used to get soooo pissed at me, because we would get his John Dory out past the waves, toss our lines in, pop a few cold ones, fire up a fatty, and invariably I would get too comfortable and forget my one job—to keep the boat parallel to the shoreline. The first mid-size wave that came in took us with it to shore, Mike screaming bloody murder the whole way there. And I did it every single time.

I also have to start practicing if I want to start playing out in the bars when I get there. I hope to hook up with someone and maybe form a duo. I really prefer them to a band. Practices are way shorter and faster and you can do a lot of different things musically with the right partner.

If we weren’t moving, I was very close to hooking up with a young keyboard player/vocalist here, but not to be.

So, with the weather climbing to the usual summer hyper-temperatures, it is feeling like a good time to get out of Dodge. I am getting acclimated to the cold of winter that is to come by turning the AC way down.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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