They Did it Again

So some chefs are starting to use marijuana products in their dishes. Took long enough. And they wonder why the clientele is very happy, talkative, and have that unmistakable glow you get when you ingest a decent amount of THC. Don’t you notice how being stoned enhances your senses anyway? The depth of the platesContinue reading “They Did it Again”


We made it. 4 days and 2000 miles later we pulled into the Buckeye State. Hot, muggy, but shades of green all over the place. The Domestic Despot and I went out on our own today looking at homes out in the country. We found a few possibilities and the realtor will be showing usContinue reading “Ohio”


I love the idea of being a farmer; it is a very romantic notion. I can picture myself riding around on horseback over thousands of acres of land as huge steel machines belch smoke and harvest more money, er, crops for me. I can see me sitting on the third-level porch of my mansion, smokingContinue reading “Farms”


God do I love my wife but she cannot cook worth a damn. She knows it. I’m not railroading her or anything, it’s just that when they took off my lower left leg, Karen’s biggest fear was realized: Not because she would have to help me with everything, but because she would now be responsibleContinue reading “Cooking”


 OK. The postal service wants another three cents added to the price of mailing a letter. That will make it 58 cents. Is there anyone besides myself that does not feel that 55 cents is enough to pay for the service they are presently receiving? I see my assigned  mailperson (it varies male or femaleContinue reading “Stamps”

Vacation Day Two

We slept, but not very soundly. I very rarely sleep well away from my own bed. So, we get another big vacation breakfast in and head for the lake country. Now, as much as I bitch about price-gouging on the road (4.99/gal for unleaded gas) I will say that the portions almost make up forContinue reading “Vacation Day Two”

Closing the Deal

I am winding down our search for a new SUV and it looks like the three finalists are the Toyota Highlander, the Ford Edge, and the Kia Telluride. Tomorrow we will test drive them and make a decision soon. The sooner we buy, the sooner I can get behind the wheel and drive for theContinue reading “Closing the Deal”