I have been on the record that I do not care for semi-trailers and large trucks on the freeways when I am trying to get someplace. One of my proposals involves limiting the hours that I will allow trucks to be on busy roads and freeways when I am on them.

The wife just tells me to STFU unless I did not want to receive ANYTHING because that is how goods are transported all throughout our country.

I conducted some research of my own today.

I saw 47 trucks on the road from Amarillo to Norman, OK.

Traffic conditions were light on a cloudy Sunday afternoon.

46 of the trucks were driven expertly, and on the occasion a truck had to jump into the passing lane, they were courteous enough to jump out of the lane as fast as they were able, so as not to impede traffic. I made a point to wave my appreciation to the drivers and got a couple blasts of the horn for my efforts.

Only one driver was a complete dickwad.

He got in the passing lane (the posted speed limit was 75) and a terribly slow truck was in the right lane. He pulled even with him and remained there for twelve miles, backing up the cars to exactly 22.

I will not lie.

I cursed the driver, questioned his brain power, species, and ability or right to exist on planet Earth.

But I couldn’t do it out loud.

Osama bin Karen would have none of it.

It is raining now, after I spent an hour splashing around in the pool. It felt great for the circulation of my stump, and I will probably sleep like a lumberjack tonight.

Tomorrow we are off to Forest Lake, Arkansas, and we still worry as we keep heading through some states where the people are playing Russian Roulette with everyone else’s lives by not taking the vaccination for the Covid-19 virus.

I think it is a matter of believing in the science of medicine or not. If you don’t trust science, lie to me and tell me you did not get vaccinated for smallpox, polio, or the measles. The fact that you are alive today, should be enough proof to penetrate even the hardest of heads.

I don’t think it would be an issue if it started costing a lot of young people to contract the virus and lose their lives.

I hope to God it does not.

But I have no doubt belief in science would increase.

I was swimming in the hotel pool and a gentleman I befriended told me something that, as crazy as I am, I had trouble believing.

He told me that he knew some people that did not want to get the vaccination because they feared that the government was injecting chips into people.

I took over 100 acid trips growing up, and not once did I ever conjure up such paranoid horseshit.

Besides, people are more likely going to die from stupidity before they die from the virus anyway.

Here’s to everyone staying safe.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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