Pulled into Amarillo about 6 pm and checked in. Finally, a hotel which was good on their 1st-floor room to accommodate my ADA requirements. Beautiful clean room with all the amenities and only a few feet from the side entrance for easy loading and unloading.

Big bonus points.

And another thing that I am sure you will be glad to know is that the Panda Express delivery I had was without a doubt, the best quality food I have ever had in ANY delivery order. That spans about a half-century, and I am so taken back by it, I plan to write a letter to the GM so hopefully, he’ll let his staff know their efforts are legit.

I mean the chasm between good and poor customer service has widened and deepened as a result of the tumult of the hospitality industry and the effects of the pandemic.

I received news my cell phone has arrived at my sister-in-law’s house in Cincinnati, my 10th, I think.

Lost another one.

But this time, for once, I had insurance on it, so I only had to pay a nine-dollar deductible.

Tomorrow we head for Norman, Oklahoma (our old stomping grounds). Another place we would have no qualms moving to if it were further east. I think. I’d ask Karen but we are not talking at the moment.

Me and my big mouth.

So, here’s to us not getting infected by the anti-vaxxers as we attempt to live out our remaining days in the country with our doggies.

I saw a house in the woods that had a creek bordering the property. The name of it is Pee Pee Creek.

How charming.

I told Bruiser and Murphy and their tails haven’t stopped wagging.

Stay well.

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