If you are brave, do you have courage?

Not necessarily.

You can act brave, but not have the courage of your convictions. You can appear brave and not have courage, well you get the picture.

I have done things that look courageous but actually scared the living shit out of me. Stupid stuff, mainly on dares. All you really have to do to be recorded as courageous is don’t run.

Stand your ground.

Now the courage displayed by our nation’s military is beyond brave, courageous, or patriotic. Dying in defense of your country and what she stands for is the highest honor an American soldier can bestow upon us, and we should thank God every day that they are our vigilant protectors and Defenders of the Faith.

I am not a warmonger by any means. I abhor the very concept of war. When man takes up arms against man, it represents an inability to effectively communicate and rationalize.

It represents chaos.

An inability to use the one tool that differentiates us from the other species that inhabit this planet.

Our brain.

Remember that thing?

It seems like a dying scenario that you would actually rely on critical thought and reason to solve problems and settle issues when you can just purchase a nuclear bomb through the Dark Web and watch the videos on YouTube on how to arm and launch them on unsuspecting millions.


Ever hear of it?

Evidently not.

Sooner or later.

How long really, until some maniac somewhere for whatever ridiculous reason they may use as an excuse, decides to follow through on yet another display of inhumanity on a large scale?

I truly wonder.

That would be the biggest display of cowardice ever and you can only wish death and harm to those who would perpetrate such evil.

I just hope I don’t live long enough to find out.

Courage Under Fire starring Meg Ryan was a great movie that was the first one of her films that I could stomach. Meg “Baby Teeth” Ryan does not blow my dress up.

Too cutesy-poo.

But she was a tough little shit in the role of Medevac pilot Karen Walden, the first female Congressional Medal of Honor winner. A great cast with Denzel Washington looking quite studly in his dress uniform.

I told Karen I was the Mexican Denzel……Chuy Washington.

She just rolls her eyes….

Scott Glenn and Lou Diamond Phillips are two other awesome actors in the film. I always thought LDP was a Mexican. He seemed like one in La Bamba, the biopic of Ritchie Valens. Evidently, he is a military brat like me, except he was a Navy brat.

Another thing about courage is that you either have it, or you don’t. And I’m not talking about having the courage to “walk the talk,” I am talking about having the courage to intervene in an unjust situation. To raise your voice about something that isn’t right. No matter what the odds, as the saying goes.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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