The Bus Trip

It was supposed to be a first-class plane ticket home, but I ended up squandering my grant money from school on a doomed football bet. I had to take a bus all the way across the states, and it turned out to be quite the adventure.

I boarded the Greyhound bus in South Bend, Indiana and I was one of only two people on the bus as it hissed out of the station.

I was going to make my first stop in Salt Lake City, UT and then in Tulsa, OK. I would then stop in Phoenix to visit my ex-girlfriend (my first serious sex partner) before proceeding on to Ventura, CA where my father and my current girlfriend awaited.

The girl that was on the bus befriended me when we stopped in St. Louis, MO for breakfast. She immediately befriended me when she saw me pull a bottle of VO from my jacket. I turned and damn if she wasn’t sitting right next to me.

We traded pulls on the bottle, and after we ate breakfast, the girl, I think her name was Jenny, pulled me close to her and literally offered up her voluptuous countenance to me. It’s not like I was surprised in the least; I had envisioned exactly this scenario when I first joined her on the bus.

I just didn’t think that having sex publicly was going to happen, but the sun still had not spread light, and the bus resumed our journey in darkened silence with about thirty other passengers.

We got “acquainted” about four times on our trip, and I lied and promised we would meet again in the future.

My first impression of Salt Lake City was that it was the cleanest large American city I had ever seen, rivalling some of the cleaner European and Nordic countries I have had the privilege to visit.

When I pulled into Phoenix, Cassandra was there waiting for me at the bus terminal.

I pulled her close and we spent an entire week together, hitting the bars and having sex.


I was only going to stay a day or two at the most, but it was as if we had never been apart for four years.

When we weren’t attempting procreation we were just porking each other with reckless abandon. Cassie had complete control over me and I was a willing supplicant.

I ended up at home in Ventura and settled in for a nice visit with my family.

I also did something that I am not very proud of.

I broke up with Cassie at the conclusion of a drive-in movie without ever uttering one word.

I have always taken pride in living my life with “no regrets.”

I take that back.

She deserved much better than I gave her, and God called her early, so I never had the opportunity to apologize.

I regret that.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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