Law and Disorder

I am one who does not use this blog to influence anyone or air my own political beliefs. There is enough divisiveness in this country already. I like to have fun with this medium and share some cool stories and observances. I purposely stay away from making this a political forum.

I can’t help but share my observances of the Kenosha trial debacle I was stuck watching this morning.

Today is the reading of the rules to the jury before they are sequestered to try and deliver a fair verdict in this case. By “fair,” I mean guilty. I started researching the whole Rittenhouse trial and it really is a circus.

While watching the closing arguments, I thought the defense lawyer was working for the prosecution. He was inept and struggling to keep any of the jurors awake for the proceedings. After listening to his entire closing arguments, it wasn’t until they flashed a graphic identifying him as the defense attorney that I realized this bungler might have just “lost” the case.

By “lost” I mean not putting this little crybaby maniac behind bars for at least eighty-five years.

Don’t get me started about the judge. The geezer is losing it, and I think he is just too old to keep it together without lifting the veil of his own ignorance, which has no place in our world.

That’s how Hitler started.

I couldn’t even watch the instructions in their entirety. It was like the judge was trying everything in his power to make sure the instructions encouraged the jurors to deliver a “Wisconsin” verdict, instead of a just one.

Say no more.

Now I can only hope that Georgia will be different, but who am I kidding?

They are putting on a sham trial

It just goes to show you that you don’t have to live in the South to find racism. If you don’t believe that, just take a look outside, wherever you live.

It’s everywhere and this systemic bias is at the very heart of our country, founded by whites who confiscated (stole) land from people and murdered them, is who and what we are.

You can’t rewrite history.

Get over it.

I understand there are people who strongly believe that Critical Race Theory should not be introduced into young children’s lives; that young ones should not be exposed to the truth about their history.

It is not an indictment, it is fact.

These are the same people who deny the Holocaust ever happened, that America never lost a war (“Good Morning, Vietnam”), and worse yet, they believe Donald Trump.

Yeah, that’s who I want teaching the next generation.

Which brings us back to Georgia and Ahmaud Arbery.

Hell, they couldn’t even get anybody to sit on the jury. People fear that their neighbors (along with the whole world) will color them as racist.

Oh really? Ya think?

If they give the three miscreants a mere slap on the wrist for hunting down and murdering an innocent man, then I propose we leave the three defendants and the jury off the rolls of the census.

You must be a human being to qualify for that.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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