What’s Going On

I see a man and his son were arrested for suspicion of starting the Caldor Fire in northern California earlier this year.

Without even knowing any of the facts, my knee-jerk reaction is to vilify the suspects and wish them a spot in the middle of the fire they started with no way out.

But that’s just me.

Speak first, think later.

If you take fire into the desert you run the risk of eliminating hundreds, even thousands of acres of natural splendor.

Fuckin’ eat a cold sandwich. You don’t need to grill out a steak and run the risk of eliminating natural habitat for the bears, elk, deer, and all the other creatures of the forest.

Don’t get me started about campfires.

It’s nice to know the Australians did their homework on U.S. capitalism. Their Treasurer is publicly complaining about the need to keep their economic recovery trending up, but there is this little thing called a PANDEMIC (hello!) that is climbing and is at record levels.

The British are showing off their big balls by warning Russia to quit fucking around with the thought of engaging Ukraine.

How crazy is that Ghislaine lady?


And not in a good way.

They need to never get out of jail.

The United States is sending “advisors” to train the troops in Venezuela.

You know war was a matter of when and where, not if it would happen. It is inevitable. Our nation has half the population (doesn’t matter—pick red or blue) offended, and I don’t mean slightly offended, but crushingly offended to the very core of your existence.

And not only that….

In the process of being offended, in addition, your very rights as outlined in the Constitution of the United States, are being denied to you. When did people start getting so caught up with their rights? I liked it much better when ignorance and apathy dictated our electoral process.

Didn’t matter which side you took.

The people lost.

And we are saying hurtful things, definitely not in the realm of critical thought.

So a quick fix to taking the spotlight off of the incessant petty bickering going on in our political process is START A WAR. I am sure that thought never entered the Democrats’ mind. Then the two sides can unite once again to address a common threat to our freedoms and way of life.


I did it again.

Speaking of losing people, one hundred and fifty souls were killed (out of 154) when the truck trailer they were crammed into overturned, causing the trailer to split in half as the roof was torn off. The trailer was overfilled with migrants hoping to attain a better life.The driver escaped and I will not even write what I think about that loser.


Finally found someone with some seasoned hardwood so we will start using the fireplace tomorrow or Sunday. Still have some garlands and snow globes, etc. to complete our first Christmas in our new house.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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