Home Sweet Home

I didn’t think I was driving that fast, but it didn’t take me much over two hours to make the two hour and thirty-minute drive from my house to my Goddaughter’s. I saw a few stops of speeders, but I seemed to go (literally) under the radar all the way to my exit.

I am back with my posse and I cooked some cookies tonight. I had a hell time in this market out here.

I am sure it must be a because-I-lived-my-entire-life-elsewhere thing, but evidently, they are nationally-renown.

Dorothy Lane Market.

The market I went to (currently three units with a fourth soon to open) had exponentially better quality of fresh products that far surpassed the meager offerings of a national chain, like Kroger’s.

They will never see me again.

If they want to find me, I’ll be in DLM.

I spent an hour in there, but I only saw a fraction of what they offer. I will return and see what other goodies they have to offer.

This whirlwind family weekend trip is starting to be felt. I don’t think I’ll have any insomnia tonight.

I was right.

I sacked out and went down hard. I forgot to post this blog (of course) and I will probably stay home and hang with the pups and rest my leg. I was fine all weekend to walk without a whole lot of pain, but I need to rest today. I still have some cookies left to bake, although I am drastically reducing the size of the batches I am making.

Today will be a good time to wrap up the presents we were not supposed to get each other this year. Once again, our tree will have a plethora of gifts and it will look like we have a dozen kids that live here. It is certainly a blessing that we have so much every year, but an embarrassment of riches indeed.

Once I get back up to snuff with my new prosthetic leg I will start looking for volunteering opportunities.

I learned so much about meeting my great nieces for the first time. They are both brilliant and super-sensitive to the world around them.

They are so far ahead of the curve that I believe this whole pandemic intrusion into their lives is going to serve to hone their edges and make them ever so intellectually sharp that the entire planet will be the beneficiary.

I see with my own eyes the tightness of families throughout the whole Covid crisis, but I also hear that the close, lovey-dovey thing just doesn’t jive with everyone. I was told that there are parents who have had ENOUGH and are actually drifting farther apart from their children.

I’ve got to start practicing because my gig is fast approaching.

This is my favorite time of the year and I am a sucker of the highest order for feel-good seasonal stories, emotional reunions, and I still get goosey every single time I see that Hallmark commercial where a family surprises an elderly lady by having her come over to their house and they decorate her Christmas tree for her.

THAT’s what Christmas means to me.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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