That’s One Way to Look at It

Our boy Putin is warning that the US is planning “interventions” in the Ukraine and this could possibly lead to “heightened aggression” in the area.

Oh really dumbass?

Ya think?

And how convenient of you to cover your ass by firing the first salvo at Jo-Jo’s backside.

Actually, the correct political move to make, and once again, the Dems are slow on the draw.

So you can bitch and moan about the virus and the politics of whether to take the vaccination or not, or you can cut out ALL the middlemen, and move to Austria.


They have issued mandates: every adult must be vaccinated.


End of discussion.

A mandate, by its very nature, is NOT a request. It is your ability to work and live in Austria, so get the shot or get the fuck out. In our wishy-washy country, evidently a mandate is a feeble request with no consequences for not carrying them out.

So, the voracious press, which had the nation interested in Gabby Petito and her disappearance, is not making a big fuss on the finding of a journal in boyfriend Brian Laundrie’s backpack where the murderer confesses.

One thing you used to be able to depend on in the arena of resort travel: Mexican resorts were safe and well-protected by federales so as to provide security to their billion-dollar tourism industry. Sure, the drug cartels run the country, but there seemed to be a mutual unwritten agreement to allow the tourism industry to operate unimpeded.

Not anymore.

I won’t go to Mexico.

And I’m a Mexican.

Nothing is sacred to journalists.

Don’t you just love it?

Now, Pope Benedict XVI is getting it for his mishandling of previous sex abuse cases within the Catholic Church.

The Pope.

Fucking up.

They continue to clean up an oil spill currently plaguing the coast of Peru and the wildlife therein. The oil company says it was the volcanic eruption, not them, who caused this environmental body blow.

Who’s to blame?

Who gives a shit?

Clean it up and shut the fuck up.

Maybe we should start thinking about taking this Covid thing seriously. I mean it’s one thing to postpone graduations, weddings, entire sports seasons, trials, and even funerals and surgeries, but let’s get real here.

They might cancel Carnival.

Finally something worth fighting about.

Maybe it’s just timing, but lately I am seeing way too many stories of infants and young children leaving this planet all too early.

Mitch McConnell got yet another chance to show his true colors.

So many terms, where do I start? African-American, citizens, Americans. So confusing.


No way he survives another Trump purge of his political enemies, which is anyone in the world who will not plant a kiss on his mushy old white ass.

Like me and Karen, aka the Domestic Despot.

Here’s me doing an early morning wake-and-bake session and playing George Strait’s Baby’s Gotten Good at Goodbye.

Baby’s Gotten Good at Goodbye.

Stay well.

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