We’re All Going to Die


Almost profound.

These pearls are courtesy of a 31% Sativa strain called Ninety-Two Cookies.


I was going out to watch my brother-in-law, ADOGG, and his band of brothers and cousins, collectively and musically known as Kin. I think it is a badass name and much better than the initially offered “Kinfolk.”

See what I did there?

They are a group of southern Ohioans and they do the kind of music where there is sure to be several tunes they play with instruments from days of yore. Washboards, hell sometimes just plain old boards, instruments from the Old Country.

ADOGG is one of the guitars and he sings. Banjo Ron, his brother, and a very likeable chap, sings and plays a different instrument every time I see him. Tonight Ron said he’d make a short vid of me playing at an open mic in Pleasant Plain, Ohio, and I will post it.

I did Tracy Chapman’s Gimme One Reason and there I was, the only person of color for miles around, rocking the casbah.

I also covered Colin Rae’s Love Me, before hitting them with my song It’s High Time I Left (a Lowlife Like You). Oh yeah, and I finished with an old Box Tops tune, The Letter.

Here’s a short vid:

Still Got It

I get it.

Since I am the new guy out here, I’m kind last to get booked, but I’m cool; we’re still getting our house remodeled.

I am still pretty sure I can get a gig in March at the restaurant/bar four miles from my house. I am only half a mile away from a golf course so I am sure I will be chomping at the bit for Spring to arrive.

We are supposed to get a precipitous drop in temperatures soon, and I have plenty of wood and kindling ready.

If they are pressed into action, Bruiser and Murphy will lend their services as expert nappers in front of the warm fire. I will be so glad when everything is done by summer.

As I anticipated, being an admitted Anglophile the British have made their posture abundantly clear when it comes to responding to a “dictatorship.”

Stand up lads and lasses one and all.

It’s not like the world has not seen assholes like Putin before and you know we’ll see them again.

Right in the middle of our diseased existence comes a new threat of war or at least continued and increasing conflict.

Oh joy.

What else besides hope do we have?

Think about it.

The day the last vestige of hope is eliminated from our sphere of existence will make a zombie apocalypse look like a hopeful scenario.

I am really a glass is full guy, but sooner or later…

I hope not.

Do whatever you need to do to protect yourselves and your families.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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