Crazy World

in which we live in…. Here are just a few examples. In the 1880’s Canada had a program of schooling the indigenous Indian descendants. Children were forcibly removed from their homes into these torture chambers, for lack of a better word. Recently, it has come to light that there are at least one-thousand unmarked gravesContinue reading “Crazy World”


I understand that China, that forward-thinking, last bastion of devious actions, is not very happy with the World Health Organization’s Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (now that’s a mouthful). They do what dumbasses do when they don’t fully understand someone else’s words or ideas. They censure them. Dumbasses. The only thing the doctor said was thatContinue reading “Observations”

I Really Hope There is a Hell

If for no other reason than to have a bad place to end up for breaking man and God’s Law so those of us who do play by the rules won’t feel cheated. My list is succinct and 100% accurate. And if you haven’t figured it out yet, I am totally full of shit. ButContinue reading “I Really Hope There is a Hell”

That’s One Way to Look at It

Our boy Putin is warning that the US is planning “interventions” in the Ukraine and this could possibly lead to “heightened aggression” in the area. Oh really dumbass? Ya think? And how convenient of you to cover your ass by firing the first salvo at Jo-Jo’s backside. Actually, the correct political move to make, andContinue reading “That’s One Way to Look at It”

Keeping Secrets

Everyone does it. Nations do it. Hell, they not only keep secrets about their enemies, they keep secrets about their own citizens. Spooky. It is another of my convoluted beliefs that if you have absolutely NO secrets, you have lived a pretty boring life. As long as membership into a seminary includes being a humanContinue reading “Keeping Secrets”

The ‘Barrel

My first Sunday in Ohio in 31 years, and I will definitely find a church to worship at. It is hard to go a mile without seeing at least one church in these here parts. Since I can’t practice at full strength in the hotel room, I have to grab time when I get it.Continue reading “The ‘Barrel”


Despair is the emotion you don’t wish on anyone, or at least you shouldn’t. To take away someone’s hope is “the unkindest cut of all.”Sometimes it is the only thing left to take away from a person. That and personal pride, something I have always had way too much of. Despair is the emotion coveredContinue reading “Despair”