BabyHead is Getting Nervous

He who looks like he has Charlie Brown’s head on his body is getting a little nervous and he recently told recently re-elected French President Macron that “the West should stop arming Ukraine.”

Yeah, right.

How about you just get the fuck back to Russia where you belong?

It is starting to look like the “stalled” Russian war effort is ripe for the aid that Biden has promised and it will be interesting to see if they speed things up and take advantage of the timing.

Obviously Russia’s war effort has been a friggin’ joke from the get-go. If it is not the worst campaign in military history, it’s got to be right up there with The Bay of Pigs disaster under John Kennedy’s watch. Or Hitler’s failed Eastern Front fiasco.

Is it me, or does it seem like there are a LOT of buildings collapsing nowadays?

That makes me want to be outside.

The United States NOW reclassifies women’s basketball star Brittany Griner to be “wrongfully detained.”

No shit.

What gave that away?

Maybe because she has been held in Russia for two months against her will?

She’s an American.


Bring her home.

What about the pair of nitwits in Alabama that are on the loose? They are loaded with cash evidently, so they will be hard to catch.

Didn’t the Cohen brothers make a movie about this?

Oh yeah, Raising Arizona.


Brazil just spent the amount of their GDP on building a 141-foot tall statue of Jesus.

At the risk of sounding sacrilegious, why the hell would you do that? There are people dying everyday in the larger Brazilian cities. I am sure they would rather trade some food and water for tickets to take a tour to the “heart” of the badly-needed Jesus icon out in the middle of BFE.

Speaking of icons, enough with the overuse of the word “iconic.” It is so passe that those who still overuse it are prone to misuse it.


Also, not everything is epic.

Quit saying that.

The Domestic Despot just threw in “far out” and “heavy” as terms we used to overuse.

I told her to get her own blog.

I am going to have to visit Istanbul because I read a piece of fluff declaring it as “the city of cat lovers.”

I love cats.

I would only move out of there to Puppyville.

Gilded Glamour?


If that is glamour, I’ll take mine rare. The fashion world is the biggest waste of time and resources we have on the planet. If people stopped giving a shit about what is hot, what is not, and what is only appreciated by dumbasses with their noses planted firmly between the butt cheeks of a dozen or so designers, this would indeed be a better world.

And why in the world would we want to continue using domestic OR foreign oil for ANYTHING.

Maybe you haven’t heard about electric cars and solar energy?

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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