Good Things Come…

…to those that wait. One year away from international competition seemed like forever for the world’s most prestigious football club and we are now back in Champion’s League play where we belong. I take everything back that I said about Erik Ten Hag. He isn’t a bald little faggot, he isn’t a doddering asshole, heContinue reading “Good Things Come…”

Can We Be Perfectly Honest?

Even in retirement, with no daily routine or agenda to adhere to, would I devote even one microsecond of thought to the condition of Jeff Bridges’ cancerous tumor. No pictures needed, thank you. Those are the same people that take and send pictures of the food they eat. Reality alert. Nobody cares. A couple ofContinue reading “Can We Be Perfectly Honest?”

Songwriting Class II

“When it’s too tough for you, it’s just right for me.” Words I was raised on. My big brother. He was the star high school player and I was a slow eighty-pound guard on our Pee Wee Pop Warner football team on Tachikawa Air Force Base. After school, I would head to football practice asContinue reading “Songwriting Class II”

Solving Problems

Ron DeSantis finally said something I agree with. It has taken years, but I am on record, on this very blog, saying I do not believe the new gender identity issue is an arena that needs to be injected into the competitive sports world. Horses don’t let motorcycles be loaded into the paddocks to raceContinue reading “Solving Problems”

What Have I Missed?

I have been out of town for three blogs. Visiting family is the best. I know they continue to investigate Racquel Welch’s cause of death (COD to CSI fans) and I was sad to hear that she had been battling Alzheimer’s but finally succumbed to a cardiac arrest. What a hottie.  I thought she hadContinue reading “What Have I Missed?”

Oh Joy!

Baldy Pooty-Poot-Putin is having to impose a mandatory draft on hundreds of thousands of his people to use as human fodder on the Ukrainian front. The female Russian medics sent to the front lines have it worse. They are being sexually abused and passed around by officers for their personal satisfaction. Trump says he “feelsContinue reading “Oh Joy!”

Pot Shots

Everyone is down on anything that they don’t agree with, or don’t understand. I miss the days where people were not such attention-craving assholes. You don’t have to look very far to find the source. Social media. I don’t give two shits what you had for lunch, so don’t take a picture of it. IContinue reading “Pot Shots”

Second Thoughts?

Evidently this whacky English woman had second thoughts. Infatuated with serial killers, she stabbed her on again-off again boyfriend nineteen times, making it a pretty obvious sign of the status of their relationship. Off again (permanently). This is one right out of Maddogg’s dating playbook. If you ever enter a woman’s bedroom and there areContinue reading “Second Thoughts?”

Not Even Close

I’m not talking about the Super Bowl; it was very close and the game lived up to all the hype for a change. As a matter of fact, since I did not have a horse in the race, so to speak, I was going to be content just watching a competitive game. What a game!Continue reading “Not Even Close”

Checking In

A weather balloon. Right. Now it’s just debris, but why did it take so long for the bubbleheads in our Defense Department to shoot it down? And why is a mere weather balloon the size of a football field? Must be a whole lot of data it is collecting. Even an old country boy likeContinue reading “Checking In”