Richie Havens Was Right

What on Earth possessed an American citizen from the third-world country of Michigan to a) go to Saudi Arabia, and b) trust strangers to deliver threatening words of the government to? Dumbass. Those strangers were none other than police just waiting for a) an American dumbass, and 2) a chance to fuck with the MostContinue reading “Richie Havens Was Right”

Life Goes On

Or does it? I’m thumbing through the digital news and nowhere near the headlines, tucked under a “New and Used Cars” advertisement way down the page, was a story that matter-of-factly reported that Ukraine is bracing for a nuclear attack. WTF? Am I the only person on the planet that sees this as a preludeContinue reading “Life Goes On”

It’s Happening Folks

Whether we want it or not, one of the great rivers of the world, the Mighty Mississippi River, is drying up. Believe it. But there’s no global warming. Right. We have seen smaller lakes (Lake Meade outside Las Vegas comes to mind) and rivers start to disappear, but this river is crucial to our country.Continue reading “It’s Happening Folks”

Give Me More

I absolutely cannot get enough of the videos of doggies and their excitement when they see their owners return home. Have you noticed how the whole parkour thing is pretty much over? By the time I found out what parkour was, it was gone. Give me more shots of people getting knocked down by bigContinue reading “Give Me More”

We Are Something Else

Can you believe those stupid-ass Norwegians who decided to euthanize the beautiful walrus named Freya because she supposedly posed a threat to humans? The walrus would occasionally jump on or in a smaller vessel to take a break and sunbathe. She chased the moronic tourists who would not give her enough space, so occasionally sheContinue reading “We Are Something Else”

BabyHead is Getting Nervous

He who looks like he has Charlie Brown’s head on his body is getting a little nervous and he recently told recently re-elected French President Macron that “the West should stop arming Ukraine.” Yeah, right. How about you just get the fuck back to Russia where you belong? It is starting to look like theContinue reading “BabyHead is Getting Nervous”

Fair or Unfair?

There is a major controversy in the realm of collegiate sports which has developed into a firestorm of debate on the legitimacy of the national collegiate swimming championship recently won by Lia Thomas. I know I sound like I don’t, but I have always believed in acceptance and inclusivity. I am sensitive to the issuesContinue reading “Fair or Unfair?”

I Was Just Talking About Payouts

…and the ho-hum nature of the cost of mankind’s destruction of our planet. Just another expense to be amortized. Who sets the number for Earth’s useful life? How about those whacky Dallas Cowboys and their antics in the women’s locker room for the cheerleaders? Payout. 2.4 million. That’s not even high school stuff, hell, IContinue reading “I Was Just Talking About Payouts”

The Freakin’ Milwaukee Freakin’ Bucks and Maddogg’s Sport Report

Wow. I was so proud of my Desert Dogs as they clawed their way into the maelstrom that was the city of Milwaukee and Buck Nation for game six of the NBA Finals. Giannis. I’ll say it again. Wow. And the 65,000 maniacs outside Arena? I am a believer now. And how about theContinue reading “The Freakin’ Milwaukee Freakin’ Bucks and Maddogg’s Sport Report”

Summer Sports Report

As we put Independence Day in the rear-view mirror and power through summer, let’s see where we are in the sports world. Football I already covered the disappointing European Championship final, and I can’t wait for the start of the Premier League on August 14th. I was very happy to see the tears of elationContinue reading “Summer Sports Report”