Good Karma

Everyone needs it.

Karma is tangible to those of us who believe in it.

It is inevitable.

Putin needs good karma if anyone ever did. He was humiliated to the point of pity at his Big Day celebration of his “swift and efficient” defeat of Ukraine.

Except the Ukrainians didn’t get the memo.

They did not crumble in days as Putin predicted, they told Russia what they could do with their warships and then successfully defended their capital.

Don’t look now, but if NATO allies continue with the aid to the war effort, Ukraine can win this war.

Three months ago would you have believed that there would be a war between Russia and Ukraine and the Russians would lose the war?

There isn’t weed strong enough.

Up until I lost my left leg, I had entertained a retirement option of buying a little restaurant up in the mountains. I could envision me waking up, firing up a fatty, sitting on the dock and watch the dance of the waterbugs as they skittled across the still water.

I would serve breakfast until 2 PM and be fishing by three on the lake. One such place from my youth was a little café on the shore of June Lake. The yearly snows were plentiful and there was plenty of water to go around. The fish were plentiful and hitting on everything. I mean everything. I was sticking to tradition and hitting shallower waters with salmon roe, but a little kid was holding up a respectable four-pounder that dwarfed anything in my basket.

I shouted congrats to the little guy and asked what bait he used?

“Baloney, he smiled proudly. The Tooth Fairy would be visiting him tonight.

The café served up a breakfast that was tough to beat: Homemade Chicken-Fried Steak with four eggs, a pile of crispy hashbrowns, a bowl of fresh mountain-slope fruit, and a slice of Bacon and Sausage Quiche topped with a generous ladle of expertly-made hollandaise sauce.

Of course the fresh coffee beans they imported from Brazil were ground and served along with some tarts and tortes of all varieties.


Anywho-haw, it would be a place where people from everywhere could come and hang out. My menu would be very basic, geared for speed and profit.

Depending on where I would put that restaurant, and which lake I would set up by, would probably dictate the name.

For example, I think that in California, the Good Karma Café might be very well-received.



Uh, next subject.

You know what else is good karma?

Smiling back at the world when things aren’t exactly going as planned. Looking directly in the eyes of a person sitting outside a convenience store with a sign. You don’t have to give them anything. Just acknowledge that they are one of US and that, as corny as it sounds, we are indeed, ALL OF US, against any other beings from any other planet in the solar system or beyond.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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