Must Be Tough Getting Old

I know, we are all getting older by the minute, but that doesn’t mean you have to let it affect your mindset. You don’t have to act old even if you are.

By that I mean don’t do all the old stuff people expect old people to do. Stop going out to eat dinner at four in the afternoon. Don’t ask for a second plate to split your meal. Just save the leftover food for a second (and sometimes third) meal at home.

Stop spending all your time remembering the “good old days” because TODAY is passing you by.

The biggest change I have noticed in myself as I age is I just don’t have an everyday appetite. Karen is constantly reminding me to eat and eat more. I can still get up for a steak or prime rib feast, but that is not good for you all the time.

I wanted to say that it is good people like Sarah Denny that I have met in Miamisburg that makes me proud as hell to be a Miamisburger. Sarah is a local mom and artist and I will be posting some pics of her work as she does them.

I went to a blues open mic and I got about ten miles away when saw there was another twenty miles to go, so I just turned back. I ended up going to a place called Mr. Boro’s, a restaurant and bar in Springboro, OH. I was able to get one of my cards to one of the owners.

I have my playlist set for my gig tomorrow:

When You Say Nothing At All                                    Allison Krause

Hello Darlin’                                                                Conway Twitty

Wind Beneath My Wings                                           Bette Midler

I Have to Say I Love You                                             Jim Croce

The Girl From Yesterday                                            The Eagles

One Less Set of Footsteps                                          Jim Croce

Mother and Child Reunion                                         Paul Simon

Grundy County Auction                                             John Michael Montgomery

Collide                                                                          Howie Day

Old Habits                                                                    Hank Williams, Jr.

Much Too Young                                                        Garth Brooks

The Dance                                                                   Garth Brooks

To be polite, I ordered a chili dog while I was waiting to speak to the owner. It was so big, you had to get it in three separate buns. See my post about BIG Ohio people.

I do plan on hitting the blues open mic at another time, now that I know to be prepared for a bit of a drive. I am looking forward to playing the songs that I first listened to when growing up:

My Girl                                    The Temptations

Midnight Hour                        Wilson Pickett

Knock on Wood                       Eddie Floyd

Same Old Song                        The Four Tops

I will toss in some blues from John Mayall and Bessie Smith for toppers.

Maddogg will play you some blues.

I will have about ten new songs to add to my playlist before I take the Brewhouse Stage at the Lucky Star Brewery on June 3rd.

I will post one in Saturday’s blog.

It was tough watching my hero Tiger Woods limping around Southern Hills today.

MY leg hurts from watching him.

I have been practicing standing up with my guitar when playing. This is something I have not been able to do for three years. When I told the Domestic Despot, she told me to keep sitting down because every other player I have seen (solo acts) all sit down while playing.

Maybe it’s just another sign of my pride wanting to make up for my left leg.

Don’t be prideful like me.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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