Pardon Me

I don’t feel brokenhearted about the parents who were upset their kids were turned away from graduation. These aren’t even high schoolers we’re talking about. In this life, you have TWO graduations that actually mean anything; first, your high school graduation for completing twelve years of education, and then your college graduation for your advancedContinue reading “Pardon Me”

My Take

I know Karen will give me a big load of crap for this, but if you ignore the stupidity, if you can look past the racism, if you can see beyond the lies, Lauren Boebert has a pretty nice body. I think she is a one-term dumbass. But she does have a pretty nice body.Continue reading “My Take”

What Have I Missed?

I have been out of town for three blogs. Visiting family is the best. I know they continue to investigate Racquel Welch’s cause of death (COD to CSI fans) and I was sad to hear that she had been battling Alzheimer’s but finally succumbed to a cardiac arrest. What a hottie.  I thought she hadContinue reading “What Have I Missed?”

Oh Joy!

Baldy Pooty-Poot-Putin is having to impose a mandatory draft on hundreds of thousands of his people to use as human fodder on the Ukrainian front. The female Russian medics sent to the front lines have it worse. They are being sexually abused and passed around by officers for their personal satisfaction. Trump says he “feelsContinue reading “Oh Joy!”

Pot Shots

Everyone is down on anything that they don’t agree with, or don’t understand. I miss the days where people were not such attention-craving assholes. You don’t have to look very far to find the source. Social media. I don’t give two shits what you had for lunch, so don’t take a picture of it. IContinue reading “Pot Shots”

Yet Another Sign

That we are losing it. Netherlands is proposing a ban on smoking weed outside in the red light district That’s like trying to ban drinking at Mardi Gras. It was never legally allowed outside in the past, but now it is a big deal. Illegal prostitution was never a problem in Der Wallen, as theContinue reading “Yet Another Sign”

New Year’s Revolutions

Everybody makes them every year and every year we break our resolve and return to the behavior we wish to eliminate from our lives. I never break a New Year’s resolution. Never. Because I don’t make any. I don’t think I ever got drunk enough to make a resolution to stop drinking. There was thisContinue reading “New Year’s Revolutions”

The Latest

What the hell is it with everyone taking plane videos of rude or unruly passengers when they are travelling? Watch the movie. Nap. If someone is being a real asshole and threatening to disrupt my itinerary, then you have my blessing to throw them out of the plane when it climbs to 10,000 feet. SoContinue reading “The Latest”

It’s Happening Folks

Whether we want it or not, one of the great rivers of the world, the Mighty Mississippi River, is drying up. Believe it. But there’s no global warming. Right. We have seen smaller lakes (Lake Meade outside Las Vegas comes to mind) and rivers start to disappear, but this river is crucial to our country.Continue reading “It’s Happening Folks”

Pinch Me

I have to make sure I am not seeing things. Did I see a headline that said Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgewick told a sob story about losing all their money in the infamous Bernie Madoff’s machinations? Boo fucking hoo. Here is the All-American boy who has been in every movie ever made since heContinue reading “Pinch Me”