I don’t give a hot damn what the local weather forecasters say about this “unseasonably warm weather we are having”, I say it is cold. I know, I’m a weather weenie. I get it. With today’s temperature climbing to almost (gasp!) sixty degrees, I was in my sweats and long sleeves. I barely made it.Continue reading Brrrrr!”

Even Ripley Won’t Believe This!

We are still in the stages of unpacking and I get to the box with my important papers in it. I was needing my birth certificate to present so I can get an Ohio driver’s license. For the very first time in my life (it only took 67 years) I actually read my certificate. MyContinue reading “Even Ripley Won’t Believe This!”

Sports Wrap-up

We can’t mention the week without The Return to Old Trafford of favorite son Cristiano Ronaldo. But since he will not play until next weekend, enough about that. Except I just saw an ad that USA picked up the game for US distribution so now I am positive that number 7 will be in theContinue reading “Sports Wrap-up”

The PROS & CONS of having only one leg

I have been an amputee now for twenty months. It sucks. But being the critical thinker I am (mama didn’t raise no cornpone), I have to look at both sides of any equation. I have to consider not only the obvious but the subtle nuances if you will, to provide the full picture. You mayContinue reading “The PROS & CONS of having only one leg”


Years ago, (31 to be exact), I would on occasion make the trip down I-75 from Toledo to Cincinnati. Cincy is where Karen was born and grew up to age 18. Now, I know things change over time, but I am totally blown away by how big the city of Dayton has grown, and IContinue reading “Dayton”

Put Me in Coach

Ah, John Fogerty singing Centerfield. You know, I have been out of commission for the better part of a month now with my knee injury finally nearing the last stages of sealing and healing. It feels like I am always saying that. As we ready for our trip East, I feel like I will beContinue reading “Put Me in Coach”

Making Magic

I was a good chef. Scratch that; I was a very good chef. Like all good chefs, I had my faults. I drank too much. I worked too hard. I ate the worst foods at the worst times. I had a short temper. I was tough on my staff. Although my talent and accumulated skillContinue reading “Making Magic”

The Week in Sports

England look like they are running in cement boots. I mean, in the Premier League, it is commonplace to see Harry Kane streaking through and past defensive schemes to launch yet another shot on goal. Why is Gareth Southampton sitting Marcus Rashford? Fresh young legs. Fast. Where is the pure #9 lethal striker whose onlyContinue reading “The Week in Sports”


God do I love my wife but she cannot cook worth a damn. She knows it. I’m not railroading her or anything, it’s just that when they took off my lower left leg, Karen’s biggest fear was realized: Not because she would have to help me with everything, but because she would now be responsibleContinue reading “Cooking”


 OK. The postal service wants another three cents added to the price of mailing a letter. That will make it 58 cents. Is there anyone besides myself that does not feel that 55 cents is enough to pay for the service they are presently receiving? I see my assigned  mailperson (it varies male or femaleContinue reading “Stamps”