Happy People

…are so much more fun to be around than assholes.

Effortless smiles and laughter.

I had a blast yesterday talking with, and playing music for, some residents of the Heartland of Miamisburg ProMedica Nursing home. It was a small, but spirited group of listeners and I had them requesting songs and singing along (American Pie and Country Road Take Me Home) with me in no time.

I had to fill out the vendor packet paperwork including my W-9 and the checks I receive will be forwarded to the Dayton Humane Society.

Furry friends.

Maddogg giving back and having a blast doing it.

Evidently, my roadie/photographer/videographer said she got some video so I will post it here:

Couldn’t figure out how to make this smaller.

Now I have to take back all the bad things I said.

I also got booked for another nursing home here in the Miamisburg/Dayton area.

The Domestic Despot is leaving for ten days and of course, she is worried about me and taking care of the doggies (and myself). She won’t be present for my June 15th gig, but believe me, if anyone could use a vacation, it is my wife.

Me and the boys will be fine; we always are.

A lot of sleeping, going to the park and hanging around the yard as I peruse getting a jacuzzi for my circulatory issues.

There are a lot of happy people here in Miamisburg this weekend as they throw their annual Springfest event. Rides for the kids, beer for the grown-ups and music for all ages. Several of the local musicians that I have befriended are playing on the main stage.

Karen and I will go down there tomorrow and I will post any cool pics I take. I had a small cup of what was supposed to be Kona Ice, but NOOOOOO! This was just crushed up ice cubes and not the feathery, powdery packed SHAVE ice that I know and love.

It is shaping up to be a busy music month for me, and I am loving every minute of it.

I am crazy with anticipation to go and see Hank Williams, Jr. and Ashley McBride in July.

Somewhere in my schedule, I have to devote more time to my novel. Since I am committing absolutely no time at all now, it shouldn’t take much to improve on that number.

Another week went by and I haven’t made it out to the golf course yet, except to take a guided tour around the facilities. With the adjustments made to my prosthetic left leg, I am feeling that I can pull it together enough to hit a bucket of balls.

Its windy today, reminding me of the Oklahoma prairie winds that we used to fight through to play golf.

I’ll tell you who is not happy.


Since I possess no uterus, I will refrain from any commentary on the whole recent abortion uproar. I will do what every male politician in this country needs to do.

Shut the fuck up.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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