I’m Calling Your Bluff

I have decided that the very next time that I get a recorded message when I am calling ANYWHERE IN THE UNIVERSE that says that I need to listen carefully because the menu options have changed, it will be the proverbial “last straw” in my bale.

You absolutely cannot tell me that you change your menu options EVERY SINGLE DAY, because you said the exact same thing yesterday, last week and probably last year!

Prove it to me.

Who comes in, from what company, and changes your company’s menu options on a daily basis?

I want a name.

Just as I was touting our little house as the Good Karma House of Birds, the second nest that was built is now empty. That makes two nests in three weeks and I never got to see one little hatchling.

Maddogg is officially embracing technology in the form of playing my guitar without a line and a wireless headset mic.

It is badass.

I went over to a bar my friends have and they let me set up and try it out. It has great range and I was surprised to hear negligible feedback. I will use it in my next gig on Thursday.

The weather out here?

70 degrees, sunny, and the golf courses have soft greens.

What else do you want?

If my leg holds up, I have an idea to call the local papers and see if I can get on as a stringer to cover stories for little towns in southern Ohio.

Might be very cool.

I am getting a fair share of crap and good-natured jiving about the impending Notre Dame-Ohio State game in September.

The Honor” killings of two young women in Pakistan?

There’s no honor in that.

Some dumbass tried breaking into a guy’s business and was caught stealing. The man and his two sons proceeded to catch the rascal and deliver a little bit of what-fer on the dude’s head and facial areas.

Dude, what were you thinking?


The rednecks there don’t need the cops.

They are the cops.

Evidently, the “victims” are now facing charges.

I’d def have a cold one with them if I was still drinking.

But I can’t be entirely certain they’d want to drink with a Mexican, even a very cool one, like me.


I might try to go hit another small bucket tomorrow if Karen gets back from her sister’s place in time. It’s too hard to resist gravitating to a golf course in this weather, even if my last trip laid me out for a couple days.

Just gotta keep doing it.

Fuck the alternative.

I still haven’t decided on my playlist for my one-hour show on Thursday, but will do so tomorrow.

Karen will be leaving me and the boys to our own devices as she heads to New Jersey to visit her sister.

As always, we will be fine.

But I will miss her.

Still do, just as fiercely as the day I first laid eyes on her.

Stay well.

Published by maddogg09

I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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