I absolutely love it.

It keeps the grass, plants and trees green and the results are awe-inspiring. Moving out here, to one of the wettest places from quite possibly, the driest state, Arizona.

Keep it coming.

So in my show that I performed last week, one of the residents of the nursing home I played, was mouthing along the words to every song. I played several and each time I glanced at her, she was lip-syncing and I gave her a big smile. I just knew that somewhere in my playlist I would have a song that she wouldn’t know all the words to.

I tried music from seven different decades and she never missed a word. Finally, I thought I had the trump card.

Johnny Cash’s classic “I’ve Been Everywhere.”

No way could this woman, who looked extremely old, remember the four verses of the rapid-fire locations in the song.


As I am starting on the first verse, I look over.

On point.

The same every time I glanced at her.

She nailed every single word, so I tossed her a wink, she reciprocated, and she stood up, gave me an ovation, and headed back to her room.

At the open mic tonight at the Lucky Star Brewery in Miamisburg, there were good players on the stage all night long. Usually, there might be four or five players on the sign-up sheet, but tonight it was a full house of players. The quality was high and I was pleased to be able to secure the use of the house PA for my 6/3 gig and won’t have to drag my stuff up there. The open mic host also volunteered to do my sound for my gig, so it should be fun.

Tonight was a minor victory of sorts as I only dropped one guitar pick during my set.

The Dayton Humane Society contacted me and are taking me up on my offer. I offered to donate my tips, and any charity gigs I do for a 50.00 check. She was excited, and I have to send some pics to the marketing department. They are working on providing signage, advertising, and I have to have Karen take a pic of me with our dogs tomorrow morning, as they will be making a flyer with our images.

How cool is that?

After tomorrow, I will have 150.00 to donate and it is a good start.

After my 2 PM show tomorrow, I start on crafting my song list for my 3-hour show on Friday, the 3rd in a couple weeks. That is all I will be doing all day until the gig. I really want to put on a good show’ as I am very much The New Guy trying to fit in out here and secure a gig every now and then.

I am looking forward to some drier weather so I can try and get back out on the driving range.

If it rains, I’ll be okay with that, too.

Stay well.

Published by maddogg09

I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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