Crazy World

in which we live in….

Here are just a few examples.

In the 1880’s Canada had a program of schooling the indigenous Indian descendants. Children were forcibly removed from their homes into these torture chambers, for lack of a better word.

Recently, it has come to light that there are at least one-thousand unmarked graves that have been found near one of these schools.

Tales of torture, sexual abuse, and murder all surround this black eye on Canadian history.

It has just come to light that little BabyHead Putin avoided an assassination attempt a few weeks ago.

It was unsuccessful, but if it had been successful, we would have heard about it by now.

Scams on old people are up.

Wait a minute.

I’m old.

Starbucks has joined with McDonalds as committing to removing their operations in Russia by closing 130 units.

I know from experience, you take away peoples’ coffee, they get batshit crazy.

You’re asking for trouble.

So JoJo said that we would defend Taiwan if China were to attack them in a war.

It was actually refreshing to hear. I mean China’s been watching this whole USSR-Ukraine conflict and they are getting ideas that if Putin, with all his stupid generals and faulty battle plans, can annex territory, then why shouldn’t we reclaim what we consider ours in the first place?

JoJo had no choice in the matter, but he does in the college loan forgiveness bullshit he has lied about. It should be an all-or-nothing deal, to allow the country to move forward. Just consider the debt forgiveness as repayment for the crap the American people have had to endure for the past ten years.

Russian generals are resigning, soldiers are deserting, and even a Russian diplomat to the United Nations has resigned, citing embarrassment for his country’s war.

I wouldn’t put money on them living a long life.

In Russia.

California is once again, threatening to impose water restrictions.

My big bro has been on the conservation effort for years, rationing, reusing, and utilizing many ways to save water. Five-minute lukewarm showers max.

I don’t.

I take thirty minute hot showers.

I’m in Ohio.

No drought.

Food prices keep climbing, and I can’t fathom families with kids trying to keep up with the costs.

So, southern Baptists have revealed that there is more than collard greens and cornbread going on in their church.

No shock here.

No shock in the Catholic church either.

Just like there is no shock that Georgia let cops off the hook after obviously menacing two college students on a traffic stop.

We are becoming the House of Birds.

Another birdie has built a nest along our awning.

I will try and get a few pics to post.

In the meantime, try and look to a better future because it is pretty obvious the present sucks.

I will be glad when we can all get back to not giving a crap about our political circus.

Hug your kids for the moms in Ukraine who can’t.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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