It’s Wrong

Somewhere in the Cosmos there is a Karmic force that never let’s a wrongdoer get off scot-free. I truly want to believe in this Karma thing, even when I see dumbasses seem to get away with doing the wrong things with no regard for consequences.

They will pay.

Sooner or later.

The Senate House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is one such example.

He is defying a federal subpoena because he questions the legal document’s validity, so he has decided he will do THE OPPOSITE of what is not only right, but mandatory.

Three words for you.

Contempt of court.

Lock the idiot up.

The issue of the subpoena’s validity has already been ruled on in the courts, but the inept senator doesn’t give a shit.

And how about the douchebag Ted Cruz? His own heritage is highly questionable, as further evidenced by his alignment with Donald J. Fuckhead and both their refusals that gun reform is not necessary.

Stop violent video games.

Less people are going to Church, as they continue to lose faith in well, everything, because quite honestly, everything is fucked up.

That should do it.

As we watch that bungler Trump’s chosen candidates lose election after election, only idiots will continue not  to distance themselves from the silly Putin wannabe.

People, can’t we just move on?

Republicans: you took a shot at being the ONLY political party (like Adolf Hitler) and you fucked it up.

Maybe you didn’t have enough dumbfucks show up at the capitol on January 6th.

Maybe you didn’t bring enough automatic assault rifles.

Or maybe, just maybe, you did not succeed with your underhanded insurrection because you were wrong to plan it in the first place?

Turn the page.

Someone PLEASE explain how anyone with a brain can oppose the ease of automatic rifle access?

The ONE issue that is truly heinous and un-Godly, and we can’t get both political parties to agree?

Kudos to Larry Gatlin from the Gatlin Brothers, a legendary country band. He cancelled his planned appearance at the NRA convention concert. What makes his posture on the issue important is because Larry is a protective gun owner, and not some Democrat spewing Pollyannaspeak liberalism.

If we can get gun owners to stop buying, selling, and USING automatic rifles, it will be a start.

But only a start.

The things I have previously written in my blogs about me doing something wrong were all the wrong things to do. During my years in Las Vegas, if ever given two choices, there is a one hundred percent chance that I would choose the opposite of what I should have.

But damn, I had some fun.

Things you can only read about.

I am still putting together my playlist for my Friday night gig at The Lucky Star Brewery.

I am hoping we can draw a good crowd because I am going up against a local duo that is one of the more popular acts in this area.

I don’t wanna work that hard. I want to put on a decent show maybe once every month of five weeks.

There’s golfing to do.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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