My Hottest Hot Streak

…came at the conclusion of the 2008-2009 NCAA football season. I had enjoyed a very mediocre track record what with losing most of my homer Notre Dame bets, but gaining ground on the other games. At the corporate workplace I was being babied at, there was a rule against pools, or any form of gamblingContinue reading “My Hottest Hot Streak”

Throwing Dice

For me, it all started watching my brother and his friends tossing dice against the wall. I didn’t really understand the whole game, but I could see you could accumulate a lot of cash in a very short period of time. I was interested. Very interested. So, naturally, I started my first crap game onContinue reading “Throwing Dice”

It’s Wrong

Somewhere in the Cosmos there is a Karmic force that never let’s a wrongdoer get off scot-free. I truly want to believe in this Karma thing, even when I see dumbasses seem to get away with doing the wrong things with no regard for consequences. They will pay. Sooner or later. The Senate House MinorityContinue reading “It’s Wrong”


Who doesn’t love a beautifully crafted buffet replete with ice carvings and hot and cold delicacies? Being in food service so long it just goes to figure that I would have some experience with buffets. As an eager Assistant Manager at a fine dinner house in Santa Barbara, we had a buffet that I supervised,Continue reading “Buffets”

It’s a Dog’s Life

I believe in reincarnation and different spheres of existence. In this life, it wasn’t in God’s Plan for Karen and I to have children. But when I come back, I wanna come back as one of my dogs. Talk about having it made. We have spoiled dogs. Not just any ordinary dogs. Our dogs. TheseContinue reading “It’s a Dog’s Life”


Staying calm. Cool under pressure. Not everyone has it 100% of the time. I’m probably in the high eighties if I am really being honest with myself. I had to “beat” a polygraph test in order to land a major casino Executive Chef job in Las Vegas. Answering truthfully all the questions set up toContinue reading “Tranquilo”


I admit it. I am a sucker for the occasional wager on an underdog or any bet with a high return. For example, in all the crap games I’ve played. Invariably, the formula repeated itself every time I was rolling dice: I start with a medium-sized (100.00) bet on the Pass Line. If it hits,Continue reading “Longshot”


Colombia partially decriminalizes abortion. You know I am actually OK with that. IF the original law drawn up was made by women and voted on by women only. Men don’t have a stake in the game. Our own Supreme Court is a ridiculous example of men dictating legislation about women’s physiological processes. While all eyesContinue reading “Snippets”

The Great Escape

I am sitting in a little bar on the west side of Tucson. It is called the Turquoise Turtle and my big brother and I were pounding down Cutty Sark scotch like it was water. After about three hours, we got into some sort of an argument. My bro has always maintained his physique andContinue reading “The Great Escape”