Lesson Learned?

I just wrote only a few short days ago I was getting sick about all the gun violence that is plaguing this country.

We are broken.

We are sick.

Now, I want to issue a qualifier that I have only watched one TV channel, the one that is most closely with Democrats, so I do not have the whole story.

I write of the Uvalde, Texas school slaughter that cut short a total of twenty-one lives.

From what I understand, there were errors from the cowards, I mean police, who greatly contributed to the killings by their actions, and even more deadly, their inactions.

While terrified children were frantically trying to dial 911 to get assistance, their classmates were being used for target practice with deadly automatic rifle ordinance. I also understand there were nineteen Barney Fifes, er police, who couldn’t collectively figure out how to break into a room. So they waited to find a maintenance man with a room key.

Now, I might not be the bravest guy, but if kids are in a room getting murdered, my fucking BODY is a key.

Chickenshits the lot.

The fact that these gutless idiots were even allowed to be cops in the first place, shows some major issues in the system.

First, there were the hilarious Keystone Cops from the silent movies.

Now, they have been replaced by real police officers.

Except no one is laughing.

Correct me if I am wrong, naïve, whatever. Don’t police officers have to lie to an oath that they have no intention of honoring?

Once they do that, they are home free.

A steady paycheck, uniform allowance, and a pension if you can stay long enough on the force by doing as little as possible while even bigger idiots find themselves as bosses and supervisors.

Hold on.

I have always been lied to that police were sworn to protect and serve.

I don’t know, call me crazy, but aren’t the cops supposed to run TO the gunfire and not AWAY?

Those poor kids didn’t have a chance.

What it told me about the fucking douchebag on-site supervisor who made wrong calls left and right, is that his kids probably go to a different school.

There is a story of a mother, begging for help as children were being slaughtered, pleading with the police officers, and when they were too scared to put themselves in danger, she just said, “fuck it” and evaded their efforts to stop her, and she went and got her own kids out.

She showed more balls than the entire Uvalde Police Department.

God Bless you and your family, lady.

I heard where some police may actually lose their jobs.


No shit? They should give them lengthy sentences to give them time to think of what fuckups they are.

I think they are lower than snail shit, and at bare minimum should be neutered to prevent the proliferation of any more cowards in this country.

I know it is very un-Christian like, but I have very vengeful thoughts when it comes to the protection of little kids.

We weren’t blessed with kids (not for a lack of trying), so I take great joy, pride, whatever you want to call it, in not only my own relatives, but everyone’s kids.

They don’t deserve this.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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