Lazy Sunday

I can’t wait for fall sports to start back up.

The Domestic Despot is off my case today, as she had just a little too much vino last night. I can tell when she is at her limit when she asks to smoke pot.

She never smokes pot.

Dead giveaway.

I practiced a few hours today, and despite smoking bowl after bowl of 31% THC Sativa Animal Mints, my voice is coming back from the cold I had last week.

I wrote another song!

It took me twenty-eight years and fifteen minutes to write it.

I will post my new song Gone tomorrow.

Please let me know what you think.

Maybe I can get on a roll and write several before the nearly-depleted field runs dry for good.

What happened to kids going around the neighborhoods with lawn mowers and rakes and cutting lawns for spending money? If you can even find a teenage kid in summer.

I was pleased to see a couple of knuckleheads who set up a table, sign, and a pitcher of lemonade. I bought one glass of quite possibly, the worst ever concoction on God’s green Earth.

The charming little asshole got an extra dollar “tip” while he and his little brat of a sister were ripping me off in plain sight.

Small town America.

I am picking up a few new songs for my playlist:

It’s Five O’clock Somewhere

Ain’t That Lonely Yet

Slow Hand

Once the boys complete our flooring replacement, I will be able to get back into playing out. Because once football season starts, weekends are pretty much booked up for me.

I don’t play fantasy for the same reason I don’t go on and get a doctoral degree. Information overload.

I prefer the flash and the instant glitz of a seven or eleven on the come out.

If I got drunk enough, I would play roulette.

I loved it because of all the permutations and combinations of bets you could make. All it really did was give you a bloated sense of worth as you sat in front of stacks and stacks of chips which might be worth a hundred bucks total.

I spent many a lazy Sunday in an overstuffed Player’s chair at the Stardust Sports Book. I would sit, drink, take numbing, refreshing breaks, and lose my hard-earned money from toiling in another world famous Hotel and Casino.

On Sundays, we would head out to Lake Meade to have massive parties in the oppressive heat. There was you, the heat, and the water. No trees for shade.

Not one.

I lost a good friend to the dangerous undercurrents that pulled him down to a watery demise.

While thirty people looked on.

I am all set to grill on our new BBQ tomorrow. I went and picked up a couple of twenty-ounce porterhouse steaks.

I also spent some of my lazy Sunday playing this dumb online golf game I am addicted to.

Problem is, I suck at it.

Just like my real golf game.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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