Teaching the Basics

Here I go talking about a subject I have absolutely no business talking about.

That never stopped me before.

And it didn’t stop the male legislators who voted against Roe v Wade.

As you know, Karen and I were not blessed with children. Even though I have no doubt I would have been a kick-ass Dad.

When and what do you teach your children?

I would hope early on, you would let them see this world as it is: a busy, beautiful place where caution must be exercised. I would want you to teach your progeny the joy of giving to others less fortunate.

When you walk your toddler into the Circle K, don’t try to avoid the dirty indigent man sitting in the corner to cool off from the blazing sun.

Explain to your child that this person could have been an ex-soldier or lawyer, or high school teacher. Do not pass judgment based on what you see.

Let your children know that a life well-lived is the best defense against tragedy.

Please give them a sense of stewardship for this planet and all of its inhabitants.

Let them travel everywhere (even outside your reach, especially outside your reach).

That is how they grow.

And it is how you are directly improving this planet for all the rest of us.

Thank you.

Teach them fiscal responsibility, but do it in the old-school ways of fostering a sense of business in kids with lemonade stands and other fun ways.

Don’t let them grow up too soon, and that must be so hard for parents these days with children attending schools.

Get their faces turned to nature instead of a five-inch phone screen. It may be a long time later, but they will thank you for it. The ways of looking at our planet and accepting it as a living, breathing entity must be instilled in future generations.

Teach them to make their own decisions.


Maddogg just solved the generations’ to come problems.

Teach your kids the absolute magic of using their imaginations on a daily basis. Encourage them to dream and foster them until another comes along, then another.

Let them laugh and scream all they want.

Nothing cooler than going through a neighborhood seeing kids at play.

That’s America.

I still have dreams of healing a little better and trying to coach Pop Warner football. Since it is already training time, maybe I can catch on with a team as an assistant.

I’ll keep you posted.

For all you people who just can’t do it, there is absolutely no shame in giving your baby to a church or hospital. It would be an act of God; of saving your child and giving it a chance to enjoy this wonderful Carnival of Life.

For those of you continuing to produce new critical thinkers, thanks again.

In  Loveland, the fictional country in my book If Only, women start their careers after their education, and when they have children, they are allowed a six-year Leave of Absence to be available to their sons or daughters until that age.

Stay well.


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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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