I take shots at pretty much everything here, on my little, tiny piece of the internet.

I don’t bullshit, despite possessing one of the world’s greatest stockpiles of it.

I don’t give a shit about politics; I usually let the Domestic Despot send in our ballots, that is how interested I am.

Besides, let’s face it.

Lifelong Democrats that suddenly find themselves with some money just as suddenly become Republicans.

Here’s a tip of my cap, a raise of my glass, a paean if you will, to each of the following:

To people who are ready to puke every time they hear the word “woke.”

Did I miss something?

Since exactly when did critical thinking become a derogatory trait to possess?

As if we don’t have enough divisions in this country.

Fuck, no one wants to officially identify with a specific gender?

I know I’m an old guy, but what kind of horseshit is this?

When I was born onto this orb, there were boys and girls and men and women.

We identified with the equipment we were issued at birth.


Alphabet soup.

All you have to do is look at your phone for five minutes to see yet another color added to the flag or letter added to the string, now about as long as a DNA strand.

I don’t give a damn if a duck and a horse fall in love, I’m all for it. If any two beings can find someone on this globe that they can’t stand to be apart from for a single minute (like I have), God Bless and head on.

I just finished saying a prayer for the man who died trying to save his daughter, who had fallen prey to dangerous floodwaters.

I can’t imagine.

Cheers to Liz Cheney for doing what politicians are supposed to be doing: putting what is best for the people before party lines.

Cheers to Pink Floyd as I listen to Dark Side of the Moon for the millionth time.

On an episode of Law and Order, I saw a situation where a shooter, armed with an automatic rifle, had barricaded himself and several students, several of whom had already met their deaths, into a classroom.

The first two policemen on the scene stormed through the door and were able to disarm the killer.


Oh, that’s right.

TV is just make believe.

Here’s to teachers who are returning to teach the children in spite of the difficulties that still exist in the Education field.

Two words.

Pay them.

Here’s to us not entering into another world conflict (yet).

Here’s to the funny vids of people crashing and fucking themselves up. They are cool enough to show just how much of a dumbass they are.

They are hilarious.

Here’s a wake and bake session recording:

I Aint That Lonely Yet

I was watching the old video (remember those) produced back in the 80’s, I think, by Little Texas called What Might Have Been.

It made me cry.

I know; I’m a pussy.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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