Take A Breath

A lot has happened lately and you are entitled to a bit of a breather.

It is another gorgeous day in southern Ohio, climbing to a muggy 85 today, but before we left Arizona a year and a half ago, there was a string of 32 straight days in temperatures over 105 degrees!

I have a gig in a few hours at SycamoreSprings Nursing Home in Miamisburg. I enjoy the good people there, and I get a chance to earn a few more dollars for my furry friends at the Humane Society of Greater Dayton.

The Brits can take a breath now that the Queen is laid to rest.

What a woman.

What a person.

For just one second this past week…..everybody was British.


Wise to examine your roots from time to time.

Take a breath before you see what that dumbass DiSantis did with migrants from our southern border. I hope he isn’t waiting for a “thank you” from Martha’s Vineyard. I wonder if his decision to send these human beings to a stronghold of Democrats was politically motivated?

And to think that this idiot will run for the highest office in all the land.

If Trump can win, anyone can win.

How about Maddogg 2024?

It’s one thing not to let them in the country in the first place, but it is totally another to treat them like shit once they are within our borders.

Welcome to America.

Now go home.

What a wonderful reflection of our caring nation.

Sure we care…..

To a point.

As the monarchy enters its new reign, will the King’s conscience become a voice, or will it be muffled by the ghosts of Chaucer and a hundred other ghosts from the past?

Enough with dying trying to get just the right angle or picture, or whatever, with your phone.

Death is final.

You can erase a picture.

Thrill seekers:

Maddogg can save you the expense of traveling to exotic locales, expensive cameras and recording equipment, and all you need to do is find some of the crazy shit that my buddy gave me in Tucson in 1974.

He was my “connection” and he would trade or sell me questionable merchandise from time to time. On this one occasion, my purchase came with a warning: “don’t do more that two-tenths up each nostril, indicating the enormous strength of the drug, so you only did a 20% dose.

That’s not how I heard it.

I figured I would do twice the recommended amount.

I dipped my head, positioned the one-hundred dollar bill (I know, so trite!) under my nose and hit the first blast.

Within seconds, I was drooling on my chest, my eyes were rotating in concentric circles, and the only things that resembled actual words escaping my mouth was “uh-oh.”

In my heightened intelligence, I would throw out the remaining bindles of powder in my front yard. The drugs were just too good.

When I woke up some sixteen hours later, I would be the guy in his robe and slippers, shining the flashlight for four hours, going over every square inch of my front yard.


What was I thinking?

Stay well.

Published by maddogg09

I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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