Crime Shows

Todays blogpost will focus on television shows and I’ll hit movies at a later time.

Best TV crime shows ever?

Here is my take on the subject, understanding it is all a matter of perspective. My list will differ greatly from a millennial, for example, whose idea of “classic cinema” and mine well, you get the idea.

I’ll start with the very newest viewing I took in for Christopher Meloni’s Law and Order: Organized Crime.

In a word, shite.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Christopher Meloni’s ass-kicking, angst-filled, loose-cannon of a madman cop character Elliot Stabler, but it does not transfer to his new role as a squadron leader. To be even more frank, the role is for a younger man.

He has to play it milquetoast for his new boss, a gay, black woman who I really like, but there’s no chemistry, no spark. Elliot Stabler does not do milquetoast well.

Nor should he.

The rest of the cast are just filling out spots on the roster. Closed-ended snippets of conversation are all that is doled out to them. Consequently, you don’t get the bonding and identification with the characters as in previous L&O carnations.

Another element I feel is missing is the quality of writing and (so far in the four episodes I have watched) there is no sign of character progression and development.

Just because you give it the “Law and Order” rubberstamp, don’t make it so.

“I knew Jack Kennedy sir, and you’re no Jack Kennedy.”

Now, the original Law and Order set the standard for winning storylines and the show was also credited with launching many renowned actors’ careers. Again, writing and character chemistry and development, which are also common denominators in Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.

I told Domestic Despot Karen bin Laden that if Mariska Hargitay knew I was living in Phoenix, “she’d be here so fast your head would spin.”

She just rolls her eyes and tells me I’m full of shit.

Like she has room to talk.

Karen’s faves are: Magnum P.I. (young Tom Selleck), Miami Vice (young Don Johnson), and Blue Bloods (old Tom Selleck). I’m not sure she can remember one plot or storyline from any of those shows whose common denominator is that all three shows have stud leading men-types.

I suppose I can’t blame her, though; after all, she’s been spoiled by having me as her studly leading man-type for all these years.

Other crime shows I enjoyed (and continue to enjoy with the courtesy of streaming channels) are Criminal Minds (especially the episodes with Mandy Patinkin and Joe Mantegna), Columbo, with that most-irritating little asshole detective and his incessant questions, and Without a Trace. Cold Case is another of my favorites.

The very best crime TV show to watch when you are stoned?

No contest.

Police Squad! And that whacky Leslie Nielsen.

So you can debate until time immemorial, but of all the TV shows with crime as the subject……

The greatest crime show ever…..

Drum roll please……

The Sopranos.

There is no bigger crime figure created than Tony Soprano.

Do yourself a favor and watch the entire Sopranos saga up to its highly-controversial ending.

Pretty soon you too, will be walking around the house like my crazy wife saying “Fuhgetaboutit.”

Stay well.

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