No win situation

I’ll get this rant out of the way now, because, quite frankly, this is like going up against Iron Mike Tyson in his prime, like no way you win.

As a business model, the oligarchy of pharmaceutical companies projects to well over 500 billion dollars a year, and with the global pandemic, that number is probably a gross underestimate. I have no issue with companies making billions of dollars. That is the American way. But Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, et al, are not selling products, pills, serums or treatments.

They are selling life.

How do you set a price for extending a human being’s life?

In an ideal situation, total transparency would allow us all the ability to see exactly what costs were involved in producing a given drug. Now I don’t mind paying for legitimate research and the associated costs, but I am not too excited to be paying for all the “extras” exaggerated into the costs and passed on to the price. Such as exorbitant business lunches and dinners, luxury trips around the world, and other incentives that I think would be incredibly cool if I was a pharmaceutical rep making a seven-figure income. Considering that the US government assists with funding for R & D, is it any wonder that Big Pharma’s interests have been protected by both Republicans and Democrats through the years?

I have synthesized the whole doctor thing anyway. How did it start? My vision is this: a long time ago, some caveman ate something that diagreed with him so bad, his stomach distended and he became ill. The “doctor” took the sharpest object they could find and opened up the caveman’s stomach. They looked and cut out the most discolored thing they could see.

Well guess what?

That’s where we are today! Doctors still don’t know the science of medicine with total certainty and, although the scalpels are sharper, they are still just cutting out the most discolored thing they can see.

Besides, there isn’t any money in producing cures, only generating another cash cow drug (whether it is ready for market or not). Every time I go into a doctor’s office, my goal is to eliminate one of the medicines I have been prescribed. Big Pharma would love nothing more than to have your personal medical condition mandate multiple doses for perpetuity.

Greedy people protecting their own interests and possessions will continue to do so.

Unfortunately, this too, is the American Way.

Stay well.

Published by maddogg09

I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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