I speak about respect and how I feel reverence is respect to the nth degree.

I felt reverence when I went to my first ever Catholic church and mass. I still get the same feelings on Sundays.

I felt reverence when I got my first glance of Wrigley Field, all striped and ready for a Saturday afternoon game.

I felt reverence when I came out of the old tunnel and saw the pitch at Old Trafford.

I felt reverence when I watched on TV as then-President John F. Kennedy was wheeled up to the capitol building to lie in state as his children and a devastated nation looked on.

I felt reverence amidst the woods as I happened upon an old cemetery. There was no one within miles of me, but even so, I spoke in hushed tones so as not to disrupt the inhabitants.

I respect someone who does those things.

I have no respect for selfish people.

Or mean people.

When  I would meet a new person in Japan it would take literally weeks to become accepted.

Respect extends far beyond the physical realm. I am sure the Eastern philosophies and practices I learned help shape me into the man I am today. If you are a contestant or combatant, respect your opponent.

Respect their ways and practices.

Respect the planet.

Western civilization has all but obliterated the concept of stewardship for this planet.

You know, where you live.

So the two terms define our mores. Respect is more easily attained, but it is hard to maintain.

I can respect something and not revere it, but if you revere something, you have elevated it to a status which certainly implies it has your respect in doing so. I know I am full of shit, but read it once while you are stoned and once while straight and if it still doesn’t make sense, well, what the hell are you listening to a stoned guy anyway?

 If you still don’t get it, rinse.


When I ascended the Tokyo Tower at age six, I promised myself I would never put myself through that terrifying experience ever again, but NO. I broke that promise several times and I have been talking with the Domestic Despot KAREN bin Laden about taking up mountaineering.

She just rolls her eyes.

My prosthetic leg would be like a third ski pole, so theoretically, I should be copacetic. I wouldn’t have to worry about my little plastic facsimile of a foot getting frostbite at least.

My leg would hurt, but it hurts all the time anyway to some degree. Just got to fight through it. Besides cold is numbing which deadens pain.

I figure I have seen plenty survival movies that I would be prepared for anything. The main thing you have to remember is not to die for any reason, but especially the cold.

Another stupid thing I saw in a mountain survival movie was the survivor tried to go DOWN the mountain to get better cell reception.

Don’t do that.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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