I Hate Losing

I’ve said it before.

I just sat through a disgusting display by the Manchester United Football Club. I am a Red through and through, but when it takes 10 penalty shots to lose to a substandard team from Spain, we just don’t have the team we want or need to represent Old Trafford and the Red faithful.

Not by a long shot.

Here is my breakdown of the starting 11:

De Gea—He’s had his day. Time to move on.

Victor Lindelof—Steady. No flash. Slow. Trade bait.

Eric Bailly—We can do better. Trade bait.

Aaron Wan Bissaka—He’s a keeper.

Brian Shaw—solid, no flash. Good trade material. Not a starter.

Scott McTominay—solid, young, strong. Trade or keep. Not a starter. Maybe move to center back or fullback.

Paul Pogba—Trade this poison if you can still get anything for him.

Mason Greenwood—He’ll improve. Keep. One more year under Cavani should complete his education on the pitch.

Bruno Fernandes—Money.

Marcus Rashford—Homegrown magic.

Edinson Cavani—My goal whore. I love this guy.

So what are the Reds going to do in the transfer window? Because, quite honestly, their moves (with the exception of getting and resigning Cavani) have not exactly blown my dress up. I didn’t mention Harry Maguire, who sat out the match with an injury. Here’s another one that needs to go. He’s too slow, too soft, and has the vertical jump of Herman Munster. I think there are three or four positions we can fill which will not only make us contenders for the Premier League title, but solid annual fixtures (again) in the Champions League.

I mean it looks very obvious that we will be trading both Jesse Lingard, who I always loved as a Red, and Anthony Martial, who I think could have been managed better quite honestly.

The talk has been centered around Dortmund’s Jadon Sancho, after a brief flirtation with the notion of getting Erik Haaland from them. There were even rumors of Ronaldo’s possible return to Old Trafford. I think there are diehards who will keep that rumour alive until Ronald dies or retires.

Harry Kane would be the perfect player for ANY team, and I am interested to see where he lands.


I won’t say it again, but Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is a great mismanager of talent. He has seen a stable of world-class talent come to Old Trafford, only to leave without fulfilling any promises. He seems like a nice person, but there’s a saying about nice guys.

I was so hyped when he took over as manager because of his history of being an all-out offensive striker during his career with the Reds.

But no.

Our anemic offense was so visible in this match against Villareal. We had no answer to penetrate their defense, with no set pieces bearing any fruit in the 18-yard box.

I long for a team that can get the ball up the pitch and then not stall out and let momentum die and let a counterstrike cost them.

I know my Reds will be back.
Next year.

Stay Well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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