Starting Anew

I lay down some words which will be included in the new song I am putting together, and I am having a blast with my Oculus II except I am now officially done with the rollercoaster app. Stomach-churning. The song is called Without You and the words I have assembled in this, the embryonic processContinue reading “Starting Anew”


I don’t give a hot damn what the local weather forecasters say about this “unseasonably warm weather we are having”, I say it is cold. I know, I’m a weather weenie. I get it. With today’s temperature climbing to almost (gasp!) sixty degrees, I was in my sweats and long sleeves. I barely made it.Continue reading Brrrrr!”

Sports Wrap-up

We can’t mention the week without The Return to Old Trafford of favorite son Cristiano Ronaldo. But since he will not play until next weekend, enough about that. Except I just saw an ad that USA picked up the game for US distribution so now I am positive that number 7 will be in theContinue reading “Sports Wrap-up”

Keeping Secrets

Everyone does it. Nations do it. Hell, they not only keep secrets about their enemies, they keep secrets about their own citizens. Spooky. It is another of my convoluted beliefs that if you have absolutely NO secrets, you have lived a pretty boring life. As long as membership into a seminary includes being a humanContinue reading “Keeping Secrets”

Summer Sports Report

As we put Independence Day in the rear-view mirror and power through summer, let’s see where we are in the sports world. Football I already covered the disappointing European Championship final, and I can’t wait for the start of the Premier League on August 14th. I was very happy to see the tears of elationContinue reading “Summer Sports Report”

Put Me in Coach

Ah, John Fogerty singing Centerfield. You know, I have been out of commission for the better part of a month now with my knee injury finally nearing the last stages of sealing and healing. It feels like I am always saying that. As we ready for our trip East, I feel like I will beContinue reading “Put Me in Coach”

The Week in Sports

England look like they are running in cement boots. I mean, in the Premier League, it is commonplace to see Harry Kane streaking through and past defensive schemes to launch yet another shot on goal. Why is Gareth Southampton sitting Marcus Rashford? Fresh young legs. Fast. Where is the pure #9 lethal striker whose onlyContinue reading “The Week in Sports”

Young Guns

Well, the first round of the NBA playoffs have seen the Los Angeles Lakers sent home packing which also marks the first time in 14 seasons Lebron James has left the playoffs this early. None other than the Young Guns from Phoenix, the Suns themselves, did the deed. It’s been awhile. Devin Booker was onContinue reading “Young Guns”

I Hate Losing

I’ve said it before. I just sat through a disgusting display by the Manchester United Football Club. I am a Red through and through, but when it takes 10 penalty shots to lose to a substandard team from Spain, we just don’t have the team we want or need to represent Old Trafford and theContinue reading “I Hate Losing”

Is NOTHING Sacred?

Mondays I play a song. Here is an Eagles song. An unruly crowd. Out of control people desecrating an iconic place. Old Trafford, the holiest of places in English football. What the fuck is the matter with you? Who do you think you are, Americans? I much prefer soccer (football) hooligans to the destructive idiotsContinue reading “Is NOTHING Sacred?”