Going Back to Work

Not me.

I’m retired. So is Karen, so there are two less applicants to deal with.

Actually, as the vaccination rate climbs, albeit slowly, “Now Hiring” signs are everywhere.

The problem is nobody is applying for the jobs. Least not the individuals who are taking advantage of the system to NOT have to go back to work (yeah, that’s the American Spirit!). They are receiving extra funds meant to help people pay their bills and meet their obligations so they can return to work. But these entities (I won’t characterize them as human; they don’t qualify) have rationalized their lazy, unproductive asses into accepting piteous handouts usually reserved for dirt-poor indigents. I suppose if that is where your self-image dwells, enjoy your shit existence with the other bovine creatures of the world.

Stop paying these idiots.

They don’t deserve it. I guarantee you stop giving out this pity-money and people will damn well get back to work.

THAT is what we, as a species do.

We work.

Or we own the companies where people work.

We are not bums by choice, so stop acting like you are.

Your parents would not be proud.

The entire nation has been literally screaming for a return to “normalcy,” and having a bunch of blood-sucking ne’er-do-wells siphoning off the public funds that truly needy people could use is not normal.

I don’t know if it is because the American Dream has been beaten into submission and replaced by the American Reality?

Is that what people are thinking?

I really don’t know since I left my final job. My sphere of existence is very limited now.

Golf course. None of the people I golf with work anymore.

Home. None of the people there do either.

Wherever I am ordered to go by the Domestic Despot Osama bin KAREN.

However, my desire to accomplish and generate income remains. I just know I can come up with a website to sell a product with no financial obligation. Some sort of drop-ship no inventory site. It just has to be the right site for the right product.


I just gave you an idea.

Now go to work.

You will feel much better about yourself as a person and a human being if you are not having to rely on public assistance. The operative term is having to rely as opposed to merely taking advantage of a well-meaning, but very flawed system that allows swill to seep through.

Now, just as sure as shootin’ I will find a way to offend the ONE person who is legitimately on assistance with NO WAY of generating their own income, but you are not whom I am speaking of.

If the President truly wants to get the machine that is the United States of America rolling again, stop the handouts and stop incentivizing laziness.

Don’t get me started on the problem of homelessness this morning; I don’t have enough time and besides someone (who shall remain nameless) KAREN is yelling at me.

Stay well.

Published by maddogg09

I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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