Making Hay

“Making hay while the sun shines,” is an old expression that refers to taking advantage of one’s opportunities as conditions allow.

It does not mean charging ninety-dollars for two and a half bags of groceries.

I understand the greed of the world’s oil producers and, maybe not in my lifetime, but there will come a time where buying gas won’t be a necessity. It will be somewhat akin to buying old CD’s to collect.

You can use the gas to power the few remaining vehicles that still have functioning gasoline engines, antique gas-powered landscaping tools and lawnmowers, for example.

Making hay does not mean charging a delivery fee AND a tip AND then prompt you if you would like to increase the amount of your food ransom before pronouncing your debt.

I cannot help but wonder if all the shitty service is the “new normal” for food delivery. You know, like not knocking or texting or calling to announce your order was just thrown onto your front porch in 115-degree weather. And no condiments accompanied any of your overpriced entrees. Or chopsticks.

Condiments cost money as Ketchupgate showed a red twist on the black market and people were cashing in on selling “to go” ketchup packets to whichever idiots were paying that premium.

Customer service.

I am not just picking on the food-service industry, for which I uphold the greatest respect, but what about the basic receptionist/office worker who represents an entire company with their customer service acumen?

Try getting ahold of somebody on the phone.

Seriously, try it.

No one wants to speak to anyone if it can at all be avoided.

Even the old “I will need to be escalated to upper management if you are unable to assist,” line doesn’t work, because she knows the only two idiots dumb enough to be working there are herself and the new guy.

So, what seems to be the business sector’s response?

To make hay, of course.

They are using the pandemic as an excuse to run such skeleton crews (also reducing administrative and insurance costs in the process), they cannot properly provide even decent service to clients.

I am curious to see if the fee-gouging and jacked-up prices continue. If they do, I believe we will start to see the marriage of Costco and Wal-Mart as the inevitable consolidation/monopoly.

One big problem still.

No one is working.

Tales from every corner of the country are popping up blaming everything from the lack of production of computer chips to a lack of migrant farm workers to harvest produce as major issues to overcome.

Fuck automated cashier check-outs.

Consider your demographic.

The last thing a tired, 32-yr. old mother of three wants to do after going through the whole process of loading up two carts full of groceries is to scan and bag them herself.

Even paying more doesn’t seem to help.

Must be nice.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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