Never a Good Thing

When the President tells Americans to leave a country, in this case Ukraine. It is not a small country, and with no one’s help, I think there are plenty of countries that could kick their ass, but JoJo seems to want to get his hands into everything before he finishes his one term in office.Continue reading “Never a Good Thing”


As we prepare to enter our new home, the subject of fencing has been an ongoing concern. In Arizona, we had cinder block walls to keep the dogs at bay, but out here, wood and vinyl are seen everywhere. I like the looks of western wooden posts and fences, except that they wear down soContinue reading “Fencing”

Making Hay

“Making hay while the sun shines,” is an old expression that refers to taking advantage of one’s opportunities as conditions allow. It does not mean charging ninety-dollars for two and a half bags of groceries. I understand the greed of the world’s oil producers and, maybe not in my lifetime, but there will come aContinue reading “Making Hay”

Retail or Restaurant?

I love the machinations of business, always have. The basic concept of buy low-sell high is the very cornerstone of making money in the retail sector. Sales price minus expenses equals profit. I worked in the retail sector for a short time and absolutely loved it. Great hours, excellent pay and bonus, and I livedContinue reading “Retail or Restaurant?”