The ‘Barrel

My first Sunday in Ohio in 31 years, and I will definitely find a church to worship at. It is hard to go a mile without seeing at least one church in these here parts.

Since I can’t practice at full strength in the hotel room, I have to grab time when I get it. I am having Karen ask AlleyCat (another moniker for my bro Allan evidently, although I prefer to call him AD doubleOG) if he wants to jam and I am still hoping somewhere down the line, maybe when he retires, we can do a duo.

Because ya neva know!

A hearty trip down memory lane this morning as I awaited my breakfast order at the Cracker Barrel. I really enjoyed my time in that company and to this day, I marvel at the simplicity of their Mission Statement:

“Pleasing People.”

‘Nuff said.

I know from experience if you take care of your internal and external shareholders in any business, you are home.

They also paid well, and that never sucks.

I remember all the way back to when I started training at their campus in Lebanon, TN. Nestled in a grove of trees with not one, but two ponds with swans swimming gracefully, it was quite elegant and unexpected, to say the least.

One of the things that was part of the extensive eight-week training was a tour through the giant warehouse of antique items, almost all of them donated to Dan Evins, the founder of Cracker Barrel. These are the things that you see on the walls of every restaurant and gift shop.

I also enjoyed the travel I did as the final piece of the puzzle, allowing me to circumvent the usual 18-month incubation period that Assistant Managers had to endure before being considered for a GM position.

I got my store in 10 months.

They still produce Dan Evins’ mom’s and family recipes, and they will never go out of style.

CB is not immune to the effects of the nationwide “lockdown” as I term it, and you might have to wait a little longer than in times past, but that is true of anywhere you go these days. But when you get served, it will be by a server who knows and must exercise Dan’s Mission Statement. They’ll be smiling, knowing they are delivering the best breakfast around, bar none.

So enough of my paean to a delicious breakfast.

I will see if maybe my man ADOGG will tape a practice session and I will post it in this blog. However, those of you who know me and my mad computer skills, it could be tomorrow.

Or the next day.

I am actually getting much better, so I am probably up to the fourth-grade level in today’s world.

I cannot end this blog without remarking on the “rating” of churches on Google.


Are you kidding me?

All four of the houses of worship that came up on my search “catholic churches near me” were rated five stars.

What does a 3-star church look like?

What, they were marked down for décor?

I don’t get it.

Ask the Domestic Despot Karen and she’ll tell you I never did.

Stay well.

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