Games and Friends

I picked up a nice little Ibanez acoustic electric guitar today, and it felt good to make my fingertips sore again. I’ll have to find a place to practice. I would lose myself in one of the many green Metroparks, but it is just too damn muggy for that.

Is anyone watching the Olympics?

Big shock to us, but not the rest of the world.

Americans are no longer prohibitive favorites in anything. Growing up, I remember the USSR and the Americans were always running 1-2 in the medal counts.

Those days are long gone.

Watching the Olympics was definitely a big family affair, as my brother, sister and I would watch with our parents, cheering on the USA and booing the hated Russians as mom plied us with popcorn and cookies.

Since politics have pushed their way into the mainstream, it goes to figure sports would be affected.

In 1968, Tommie Smith and John Carlos ruined the purity of the quadrennial ultimate test of athleticism and competition when they raised their black-gloved fists and brought politics where there should not be any.

The Olympic Games.

Previously sacrosanct.

I hope the Pandemic Games are not a harbinger of things to come in international sporting events. I feel a palpable lack of interest in the Olympics, and I hope there is no carryover to the next Games.

More diseased athletes and spectators, a return to closely guarding ourselves, wearing masks, and further restrictions are not helping.

The people I have met so far are all cool. The young lady at the computer store was nice even when, due to a mixture of stress and frustration, I turned, once again, into an asshole. While I was looking at the window on the fax machine slowly load my pages, I asked: do you get internet out here?

What an asshole.

What I meant to say was I am sorry. Does it take a few minutes to load and send documents via this fax?

It came out like I was questioning the level of civilization in this beautiful city (Mason, Ohio).

So I apologized.

If you haven’t made it out to world-famous King’s Island Amusement Park, you will find the surrounding landscape as amazing as any ride. Green trees as far as you can see (which is not very far BECAUSE OF ALL THE TREES!).

I hope I made a new friend; I gave O—- a copy of my book and hope she checks out this blog.

Buena gente.

She even gave me a few areas to check out as possible gig sites.

Right now, my biggest concern is finding a place to practice in anticipation of gigging out. I will need the time to toughen my calluses as I have not been able to practice steadily for the past 3 months.

Time to get back on the horse.

The weather is really nice compared to what I had anticipated it was going to be this time of year.


I can’t wait to get into our pool and new house.

Stay well.

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