Carry On

I will just get this off my chest and then I will move on.

Notre Dame must have read their own halftime press as they proceeded to pull up their skirts and show the OK State Cowboys their knickers. The Cowboys taught fledgling young Irish Head Coach Marcus Freeman an early lesson in facing adversity and coming back to seal a win. The Irish had no problem with facing adversity; Oklahoma State gave them all they could handle all game long.

I know it is just a quick-click glimpse into the new team leader, but I hope his defenses all bring the wood like JD Bertrand.

I will most likely never see another Irish National Championship in my lifetime and it is due to one single, solitary reason:

Everybody else but God’s Favorite Football Team cheats. If you don’t like the Fighting Irish, you are merely damning yourself and your progeny to an eternal fiery hell.

Very simple.

You can’t love God without loving Notre Dame.

Once again, I didn’t make the rules, I just play by ‘em.

Wait ‘til next year.

Taking down my Jewels of the Midwest Holiday Light Display tomorrow. Should take me about ten minutes.

I am getting quite a snootful of this very serious (as in seriously stony) Indica so my next stop after posting this time-delay post is the new Oculus II that Santa gave us.

I swear, I actually had to take the headset off before finishing my ride on a rollercoaster…in outer space.

My stomach made me.

Right now I still have it on the “Pussy” setting because I sit safely in my chair while I absorb it all.

I can’t tell you how trippy it is.

You just have to try it.

As soon as I can widen the net and expand my “zone”, I can do downright dangerous things. I just have to watch out for anything where my balance, which is crap anyway, won’t send me careening off a ledge, hitting my head on the corner of a table, bleeding out as the light dies in my crying eyes.

I will have ADogg come over and be my “spotter.”

I’ll keep you posted.

I saw another possible place I might get a gig playing happy hour. I am checking out their entertainment next Wednesday night. I will take my sweet-ass-gal as Flap said in Terms of Endearment.

If you recall, in the movie, Flap is the husband of Debra Winger’s character Emma. In an early scene on their wedding night, Flap is so overcome with emotion as he tries to put his feelings into words for a tender name to give his bride.

“You’re my sweet-ass gal” was the best he had.

She hugged him because she knew that was the best he had and he brought it.

Karen said the same thing that it was genuine, if not loquacious.

I hope to get my wireless mic headset and some fingertip covers tomorrow if Amazon does its thing.

Check out this wake and bake jam session:

jam #7

Stay well.

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