Sayonara 2021

As promised, my review of the world haps in 2021 will resume with the month of May. I remember the news in June centered domestically on the condos in Surfside, Florida that collapsed. The human loss was 98 people.


And let’s not forget the shootings in Colorado Springs and Chicago and don’t forget San Jose and Florida while you are at it. What the fuck is wrong with crazy assholes who turn guns on others?

Violence continued in the month of June as the trials of those involved with the 1/6 attack on democracy began.

I am not one to wax poetic on politics or even dogma for that matter, but wasn’t Benedict Arnold considered a traitor for seditious acts?

Whatever they did to him, should be reserved for those who threaten my monthly Social Security check.


He was hanged.

Oh well, I don’t make the rules, I just play by ‘em.

NASA announced two new missions to Venus.

Oh goody.

Why don’t they take the billions they are wasting on space exploration and END HUNGER IN AMERICA?

I don’t know, just an observation from an old East L.A. country boy.

And the winner of the Assholes-of-the-month are the two idiots in California that violated the planet and the sanctity of the revered Joshua Tree by digging up the protected trees to make room for a house they plan to build.

Since there is not much repercussion-wise that I can do without breaking the law, I am reserved to wishing a tornado uproots a huge Joshua Tree and it crashes through their newly built house and hits them on the head, giving them both permanent amnesia.

July also saw the sentence delivered for Derek Chauvin in the murder of George Floyd. After the Rittenhouse debacle, I didn’t know how this trial would play out. The Tokyo Olympics were pulled off in Tokyo in spite of all the public health restrictions.

August was dominated with the total withdrawal of American troops in Afghanistan.

Of course the Dems can’t win.

You will be criticized for entering the United States into war, or you will be criticized for being passive.

But the economy would pick up.

September was rife with the goings-on of an ineffective government machine. Involved in a perpetual dans macabre where the tune changes every four years or so.

What a shocker it was to see the Taliban take over Afghanistan the day we left with virtually no resistance. They have all the nice, shiny guns and weapons we gave the Afghanis with which they were supposed to protect themselves.

Crazy world we live in.

October was just a continuation of violent events around the globe as Mother Nature culled the herd with disaster after disaster.

She was pissed off about something…

The college football playoff games went pretty much as expected.

Tomorrow I get to watch God’s favorite team play (Notre Dame).

Here’s another little jam tape:

jam #6

Stay well.

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