Starting Anew

I lay down some words which will be included in the new song I am putting together, and I am having a blast with my Oculus II except I am now officially done with the rollercoaster app.


The song is called Without You and the words I have assembled in this, the embryonic process of creating a good song that no one else has written or heard:

You pranced like a model

You stole the show

They all paid to see you

But what do they know

The show must go on

At least that’s what they say

And nothing is better without you.

Sort of the first verse so far.

I’ll keep you posted.

We took down the Christmas tree, garland, lights, and decorations and it was a somber event indeed. I am leaving up Snoopy and Woodstock to wave goodbye to the holiday season. They go in boxes tomorrow.

In the 90’s, it was MTV that was sort of the background of our lives. It seems like any household you visited without senior citizens had MTV playing in the background all day long.

Now it’s Law and Order.

I was on a zipline in a jungle in Hawaii and I was hauling ass and whooping up a storm. I was screaming like a banshee.

Then I was in a balloon flying over farmlands (I could see the individual little piggies and their curly tails!). The journey led us over the Niagara Falls and we dipped so low, I swear I could feel a cold splash jump up and nip at us.

Then I was on a river raft with three other guys and we were busting it out in the Snake River Canyon.

Holding on for dear life itself, we were thrown in every direction.

The rocks were jumping out at me and I could feel a searing pain in my left arm.

It was Karen pulling on my arm and saying “take off that fucking headset. You are all over the place and I don’t want you to fall.”

Santa knew what he was doing when he got me the Oculus II.

I watched another episode of my favorite TV show New Amsterdam, and predictably I was a bucket of tears by show’s end.

That little doctor, played by Janet Montgomery, is all sweetness.

College football season ends tomorrow night, and I still think Bama is going to open up a can on Georgia.

Fucking Saban.

Every college football teams’ fans (except one) hate him. But boy, wouldn’t they love to have him coaching their team?

I am catching up with the NBA as the season rolls on, and still haven’t decided what is up with them.

I do know my Reds better show up tomorrow as they take on Wolves and they always give us fits.

I think our offense has too much gas and will triumph 3-1.

Here is a jam tape I made in my wake and bake session:

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