Carry On

I will just get this off my chest and then I will move on. Notre Dame must have read their own halftime press as they proceeded to pull up their skirts and show the OK State Cowboys their knickers. The Cowboys taught fledgling young Irish Head Coach Marcus Freeman an early lesson in facing adversityContinue reading “Carry On”


We made it. 4 days and 2000 miles later we pulled into the Buckeye State. Hot, muggy, but shades of green all over the place. The Domestic Despot and I went out on our own today looking at homes out in the country. We found a few possibilities and the realtor will be showing usContinue reading “Ohio”

The Decision

Trey Williams pried open the front door of his small house, carefully catching the tattered screen door to avoid it from slamming shut. “Trey? My man!” his father shouted from the den. “How did practice go today? You guys ready for Poly tomorrow?” Trey poked his head into the room as his Dad stood toContinue reading “The Decision”


Throughout my life, I have placed a very high premium on loyalty. Maybe even too high a premium. If someone displays loyalty to me, there is absolutely nothing I won’t do for them. In my own case, I do not seek out loyalty, but greatly value it when I receive it. I am loyal toContinue reading “Loyalty”

Missing (Lost) Items

I am like many, I’m sure, that misplaces or loses things on occasion. Karen just chuckled in the background. Pay no attention to the Peanut Gallery folks. “On occasion, right.” I lost my keys once in my car at work because I was too drunk to find them. I was lucky enough to find myContinue reading “Missing (Lost) Items”