Return to the Future

If you have been shopping for groceries lately, the shelves are starting to look sparse again, at least some of the Kroger’s I have visited. That is why I only buy general canned items there and everything else at Dorothy Lane Market. I do not mind the price disparity, because their baked good and meat, fish, and produce sections absolutely rock the casbah.

In the food chain’s defense, extremely high demand, understaffed, employees out on sick leave, and the little supply-chain thing, is not making it easy. Speaking of the supply-chain, did they finally get that dumbass to straighten out his canal-clogging ship?

This going back thing is not working out too well for people who are facing the end of current moratoriums that have thus far protected them.

No more.

They are out of their homes, and that has to suck.

I’ll say a prayer for them tonight.

Are you kidding me?

Fifty-thousand to join the Army?

You know they are hard-up when they are giving away money to train fire-breathing, missile-launching warriors to “protect” us.

I really miss the old days.

Back when our politicians only lied, cheated, and stole from us.

Sex trafficking?


What the fuck are these people thinking? Do they actually believe their own press?

Hitler did too.

Three-hundred thousand more gallons of diesel oil spilled near New Orleans.


I know you’re listening…

You might want to lay off this place for a little while.

And God, what do you think about the Prince Andrew sex scandal in Great Britain?

I mean not to stir anything up, but aren’t they disputing the fact that YOU ordained them?

So if that’s the case, he is a deity not mortal, and therefore NO WAY do you bring charges against them.

Why, it makes one long for the day when the offended royalty would give a hangman or chopping-off-the-head gesture, and that would be the end of the matter.

Prince Andrew is weak.

He has the right and the ability to answer any question presented to him with “Because I am Prince of the Empire and I am ordained by God.”


Next question.

I saw this stupid-ass show on Netflix and it was about this dude who supposedly tracks down locations to find treasure. He digs outlines around them so they can be seen by an air drone (like everyone has one of those).

I mean just how fucking stupid does he think we are? Like we are so gullible that we would go on a treasure hunt to find a treasure that has been outlined for you to discover?

I think I’ll go check it out.

I went and checked out the act at the place I hope to play at.

They were awesome. The girl had a very talented set of pipes and her guitarist-partner was technically sound.

I am going to go see the next act next week and hope to pin down the GM for a solid date.

Check this out:

jam #14

Stay well.

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