Stray Thoughts

A rather beautiful sunny day in southern Ohio, albeit cold and the bountiful trees reduced to an eerie forest of gray skeletons.

I see my home state of California is now under an official Tsunami Advisory. When you combine a disaster of epic proportions with the most populous state in the United States, well, it is another disaster movie waiting to happen.

I just pray it doesn’t.

The Russians have arrested a ransomware gang who orchestrated high-profile cyber-attacks.

Good for them.

Those idiots in North Korea are still acting like we did back when we were six and making “forts” out of empty cardboard boxes. They are shooting off missiles pretty much willy-nilly.

Just exactly what is it that Djokovic doesn’t understand?

Our embassy in Baghdad is under siege…again. Rockets this time.

As much as that bit of déjà vu has to be, how bad is it compared to being stuck on a cruise ship under Covid restrictions?

Here’s a sign of the times: Fed-Ex wants to install anti-missile lasers in its cargo jets.

Sky pirates.

Facebook suspended Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene for spreading misinformation.

Oh really?

Ya think?

There was a lot of love shown recently for Betty White and Bob Saget, two recently-deceased actors who moved many people in their own ways.

I must admit, though, I felt a little creeped out when I watched Saget transform from Superdad to Redd Foxx. I shared a hit off a joint with Redd Foxx himself in 1979 when he was playing his XXX-rated act at the Landmark Casino. He was hanging around the kitchen before his midnight show, and I was just picking up my weekly paycheck, so I was flush.

As I started to head down the stairs leading to the security desk, I asked him “would you like to get stoned?”

He smiled and gave me a big hug.

We went down to my car and we shared a joint of Sherman Stick.

I actually was taking it pretty easy, but he was hitting the doobie like it was the last one on Earth.

I saw a hilarious picture and it was titled “How rich people could help save the planet from the climate crisis.”

First of all, why do the rich have to pay the freight for the rest of us and our unbridled greed and avarice?

As a matter of fact, if I was the rich person involved, I would use a good deal of my resources killing idiots that would want to jeopardize Karen or Bruiser, or Murphy and I.

There was another charming “hard news” story about  an insect that was removed from the ear of a man after three days.



Clean your fucking ears.

No excuses. Check this one out:

jam #17

Stay well.

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